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Bike On Rent In Delhi And Place To See Around It

Why To Take A Bike On Rent

Renting a bike invariably means getting to test out some new wheels and moreover renting a bike also gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new and you a get a peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about taking your bike apart. If you’re planning on travelling before or after the biking partner of your trip, renting a bike allows you to get up and go as you please without having to worry about carrying a cumbersome, case around with you or finding safe storage space for your bike.

Why To Take A Bike On Rent With Backpackclan

We are specialised in bike on rent in Delhi with a team of expert professionals, who are experienced in individual and corporate bike leasing as well. The bike rental services offered by us would avail you the best vehicle hiring options India.

To rent a bike in Delhi has become much easier by backpackclan.

  • ➢ Every client will receive orientation to the bike before renting a bike in Delhi.

  • ➢ Helmets are provided while taking a bike on rent in Delhi and all tours.

  • ➢ Customers can rent a bike in Delhi from a wide variety of options and can take a spin around the hill station.

  • ➢ Monthly bike rental services are also provided.

  • ➢ Backpackclan accept the following methods of payments-cash, cheque and online payment options.

If you are looking for assistance in planning a trip by taking a bike on rent in Delhi, then our experts would be completely delighted to cater your needs.

Places To See Around Delhi On Bike

There are several places around Delhi that provides a excursive spots that you can take with your companies along for a significant road trip venture. Whether the outing is to the slopes or the fields, there are some extraordinary roadways from Delhi that would make you spellbound. There are numerous places around Delhi that has some beautiful roadways and its better when you take your own set of friends with it. There are several road trips from Delhi


It is 23KM away from Delhi. It is the most famous spot in the country for various adventure activities like rive rafting, bungee jumping, trekking and hiking. The perfect gateway from Delhi for all those who love to have adventures in their travel.


The famous pink city is just about a perfect drive from the capital, at around 7hrs by bike. Jaipur is always a good choice for a tourist destination.


The capital of Uttarakhand and 236KM away from Delhi, Dehradun is the most favourable get away from Delhi and also leads up to the hill station of Mussorie, Landour and Kempty falls and village.


A hill station located 290KM away from Delhi and you can also call it as a bike trip to hills because it is known as the queen of hills, further ahead of Mussorie lays Landour, a military cantonment town.

There are so many other places also that you can opt for having a road trip on bike from Delhi and take the pleasure of beauty scenes on the way.

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