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7 Best Camping Sites in Leh Ladakh

Ladakh which is renowned for its mountain beauty and culture is undoubtedly every wanderer’s escape to paradise. Adventurers just can’t get enough of this place and it brings them back every year and satisfies their adrenaline hunger. This rugged yet scenic terrain of abode has picked up quite a craze among masses and it is only growing. But here’s the catch you don’t get to experience this throughout the year as it becomes inaccessible for about more than 4-5 months due to the harsh climate.

So, if you are planning to go on a trip to Leh/Ladakh then don’t dare miss out on anything which will haunt you later. Camping is what we are talking about here. Ignoring this fun activity would be a big bummer when you come back and talk about your Ladakh diaries with your friends and family.

Where do you think the word “nomad” came from?. Its places like Ladakh where this pristine nomadic culture exists and people make camps to escape the harsh climate. But lately camping in Ladakh has become so famous that it is now sort of a luxury and an experience that they don’t get in their routine lives. These camps in Ladakh now are a highly organized and convenient place to hold a stay at.

You will be pleased with their hospitality and their genuine way of guiding you through tours and activities that take place around Leh Ladakh. With camps on the banks of lakes and others around the beautiful landscape mountains, you are bound to get astonished by the epitome of beauty which is called Ladakh.

So, for your convenience, we have put up 7 of the best camps which you should consider on your next trip to Leh Ladakh.

Pangong Retreat Camp: – A boutique retreat by the exotic Pangong Lake

Facing the magnificent Pangong Lake, this camp makes it to the top on our list because you shouldn’t miss out on this one. With stunning panoramic views of nature’s gifted scenery, Pangong Retreat Camp is a serene oasis of beauty and tranquility. People are just fascinated by seeing how nature changes its course around this camp, it’s truly a paradise. You don’t have to worry about the accommodation because you get safe and comfortable camps to hold your stay out there with all the basic amenities available. We said this before as well that it’s a luxury to stay in camps these days.

The biggest highlight of this camp is the aqua blue picturesque of the Pangong lake which will mesmerize your body and soul to the core. With golden grass mountains, beautiful sunsets and a panoramic mountain view, you really don’t want to miss out on this camp on your trip. If you are thinking of going on a Ladakh Adventure tour then you must take out time and stay in these camps to experience Ladakh as it is.

Camp Martsemik La: – Epitomizing your camping experience

Started in 2005 this place has been one of the favorites of many campers who come to experience Ladakh. This camp provides you with all the modern amenities and homely hospitality. You will feel like a real nomad in this one, living among the mountains and becoming one with it. The serene beauty of snow-clad mountains and vast ranges are some nature’s gifted scenery around this camp.

You must plan a stay in this camp or at least visit this camp just for the unparalleled views of stunning nature all around it. Paradise lives in the heart of Camp Martsemik La.

Tso Moriri Camp & Resort – The boutique retreat you deserve

Situated on the banks of crystal clear waters of Tso Moriri Lake in the Changthong area at an altitude of 4595 m (15000 ft) in Ladakh is one of the highest altitude lakes in Ladakh. The tranquilizing beauty of Tso Moriri lake sways everyone who lay their eyes on it. With 5 rooms & 15 attached deluxe tents, this is a decent camp to be in as it won’t get crowded. The tents are made of jute carpets & boutique-style decor on the wall. Don’t have to worry about the necessary amenities and hospitality, they are spot on with it.

This place truly is a place out of those fantasy books like the ones you dream of. This place is a world of wondrous beauty and magical charm. You should visit this camp as we at BackPackClan too recommend this camp for your next Ladakh tour.

Camp Redstart – Feel the warmth of Spangmik village

This camp is more on the relaxing and unwinding side, beware that you might get a whole lot lazy in this one. Located in the middle of the panoramic view of the mountainous Ladakh, this camp will get engraved in your memories eternally. The untouched warmth of the Ladakh people can be felt in their hospitality in this camp. The beautiful lake which freezes entirely in the winter season can be seen clearly when you go out on camping this season. Its transparent eternal beauty is truly mesmerizing.

Camp redstart provides you with more than enough space to reside in with 10 deluxe tents where guests can comfortably sit and enjoy the serene beauty of Ladakh. The food is great and one more thing that they also provide free medical aid in this camp. But it’s spreading out on most camps lately.

Nubra Ethnic Camp: Luxury at your service

Now if we talk about luxury in the camping industry then this one camp you can count on. Nubra ethnic camp is “A” Class Camp which is a brand new camp that provides attached bathroom facility as well. This camp is situated in the beautiful village of Hunder which is 9300 ft above the sea level. Proud of its Lush green farmland and orchards, guests here can enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables straight from nature in the purest form. With 20 well equipped and well furnished double bedded tents, this camp has not left any table unturned.

You can get all kinds of cuisine in this camp and also you get high-quality medical facilities available 24/7 for you. If you are high on a budget then you should opt for this camp on your trip to Leh/Ladakh.

Nomad Camp Pangong: What it feels to live like a Nomad?

Located near the eternal Pangong Lake this camp also got a place in our list because it really has that home feeling you get when you are there. The people who run this camp really follow the nomadic culture strictly and in this way even tourists get to experience their culture without any filters. The mesmerizing view of Pangong lake and the panoramic view of the naked mountains are the greatest highlights of this camp. Being just 50 meters away from Pangong Lake, the view of the lake is enchanting.

The hospitality is excellent in this camp and you feel the warm personal touch of Ladakhis in their food as well. They fulfill the basic amenities like proper camp shelters, good food and medics as well. If you want to be a nomad or at least experience what it feels like to be a nomad then this camp should be your choice and it can meet your budget as well.

Tsermang Eco Camp: Feel the Nature closer this time

If you have heard of Indus river just in history or geography books then this camp will provide you the golden opportunity to experience the mesmerizing Indus River. This camp was basically a project with a goal to promote environmentally sustainable tourism and it is evident for everybody to witness it. The entire camp is built on an eco-friendly system where even the electricity is generated through solar panels. Located just 10 minutes from Leh, this camp is set amidst an astonishing landscape and wildlife around it. So, it will be a whole other experience for you.

The camp has all the basic amenities that you would require during your stay and you will experience a very friendly experience around the camp, with good food and warm people to talk to. This is one camp you shouldn’t miss out, not just for its stunning view but also for the noble cause it’s heading towards.


It’s not just the daylight view of Ladakh that has been pulling so many people into this paradise. Nights in Ladakh are equally serene and mystical with the entire galaxy in front of your eyes. Ladakh is not called paradise just for the sake of calling it, People have visited this place from all facet of existence and agreed on it. So, if you ever think of going to Ladakh this coming season then do visit these camps and spend some time in it and experience Ladakh a little closer this time.

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