Best Time for Chadar Trek

Planning to take Chadar Trek? Well, it is very important that you know the best timings to visit the most popular trek. Read below to know more about the trek and the best time to take up this trek.

The Winter season is the best time to take Chadar Trek as during this time the Zanskar river freezes, thereby making it available for the adventure seekers to experience the adventures of the frozen river in its absolute form. The place experiences extremely severe temperatures, fluctuating from -5 degrees Celsius to -25 degrees Celsius. The temperatures are extremely piercing within the skin, so it is advisable to be careful as you step on this straight walk. 

Also, there are chances that you might dip your feet in the numbing water seeing the temperature fluctuations of the day and night as these cause a lot of broken trails. The lowest negative temperature of the winter season makes Chadar Trek, one of the toughest winter treks of India. 

The Winter season experiences a lot of trekking enthusiasts from all over the world flocking to Ladakh to take up this one of the season’s best and most famous treks. Also, the panoramic view of the majestic Himalayas is surely going to motivate you to stand against all the difficulties of the trek and reach the point of triumph. Also, not to forget cold is the consistent enemy that you need to fight during the Chadar Trek as this trek is possible only during this season. 

It is recommended to prepare well in advance for your trip and pack all the essentials accordingly to avoid any problems ahead as guided by the tour operators. While choosing your tour operators, make sure that it is a well experienced and good one as this will directly affect your overall experience of the trek.

The best months to take this trek are January and February as during this time the Zanskar River freezes into a thick sheet of ice owing to the extreme weather conditions and the Chadar Trek is all decked up to welcome you to its most adventurous ice trail that you were looking forward to visiting all this while.

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