Best time to visit Ladakh by bike

Best Time To Visit Ladakh by Bike

Ladakh is one of the exceptionally beautiful places in the country and this is what attracts tourists and adventure seekers from all over the world to the Himalayas. The place is renowned for its magical and picturesque views and drives everyone crazy who visits this place. There is no traveller who does not crave to visit paradise on earth anytime soon. Now, if you are considering taking a bike trip to Ladakh, then it is advisable that you are well aware of the best time to visit Ladakh by bike.

Best Season for Ladakh Bike Trip

Well, there is no such thing as the best time to visit Ladakh on a bike trip, as it can extend over the entire year but certainly, we can tell you the most suitable months for taking the bike trip to Ladakh. The time period from the end of May till the mid of September is the best time to visit Ladakh by bike and witness the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Also, riding amidst the silent yet beautiful hills on your bike is truly a blessing for all adventure lovers. Trust us on this, the experience is extremely enthralling.

As the time to visit this heaven on earth approaches near, the excitement mounts for going on the most beautiful and adventure-packed trip with your troop. Just a thought of all the incredibly beautiful attractions makes you want to be there at that very moment. The pictures of Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, the Confluence and many other attractions starts pouring out thereby creating a buzz for the Land of High Passes, Ladakh.

You all must be wondering as to why do we even have to think of a suitable time to visit Ladakh? It is because the seasons play out extreme odds in Ladakh and hence pose a lot of confusion about what is the best time to visit Ladakh by bike. During winters the entry points to Ladakh i.e Zoji La and Rohtang Pass are closed, as it makes it tricky to get through due to frequent landslides caused by the monsoon. This then leaves you with a limited time frame to gain access to the beauteous landscapes of Ladakh. The months are from June to September, which is considered to be the best time to visit Ladakh.You can also take the trip in winters, but be wary of the low temperatures that are going to make it difficult and tricky for riding during your trip to Leh Ladakh.

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