Bhutan Travelling Tips for Indians

Travel Tips for Indian Tourist visiting Bhutan

Bhutan Travel Guide for Indian Tourists

    • Plan your trip during Festival time in Bhutan

Plan your travel when there is a festival celebration in Bhutan. As Bhutan is known for its rich cultural heritage, one must try to plan their travel to Bhutan during the festive season and witness the country celebrating its beautiful and colourful festivals with exuberance. 

    • Prefer to take a Home-stay

If you wish to know about the culture of the place, prefer to take home-stay. Opting for a home stay in Bhutan will let you experience the traditions and heritage of the beautiful place as you will be meeting the local people during your stay.

    • Learn a few phrases of Dzongkha

Also, learn a few basic phrases In Dzongkha i.e the Bhutan’s official language. This will help you avoid the communication gap with the shopkeepers and the locals and also assist you in understanding the culture of the locals in Bhutan. Besides, there are travel guides who know how to converse in English, hence you do not need to panic.

    • Pack your winter clothes

The most important thing is that you need to pack well. The weather in Bhutan can be unpredictable at times. Therefore, ascertaining that you have woollens and other winter wear in your backpack will help you beat the chilly weather.

    • Indian Currency is Accepted

Indian Rupees are accepted there. Also if you have a US dollar even that is accepted there.

    • Buying and Selling of Tobacco is Illegal

This is one of the most important things you need to know. Both selling and buying of tobacco products are illegal in the country. If you indulge in any such thing, then you are inviting a serious problem for yourself. 

    • Respect the Royal Family

Assure that you are respecting the Royal Family as people in Bhutan look upon them as ‘incarnation of gods’.Besides this ensure that you are wearing decent clothes when visiting any temple or historical places.

    • Buy Handicrafts and not antiques

Bhutan prohibits the export of any antique, so it is safe to buy handicrafts from the place, thereby avoiding the shopping of antiques. This is one of the most important tips that need to be known by every tourist.

Ensure that you are following all the above-mentioned tips, whenever you plan to go to Bhutan next. As it is of paramount importance that we know the safety and travel tips to any country before beginning our journey.

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