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6 Reasons to go on a Bike Trip to Spiti Valley - Backpackclan
6 reasons to go on a bike trip to Spiti Valley

6 reasons to go on a bike trip to Spiti Valley

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us" - Anonymous

Don't let the life inside you fade away yet when there is so much more left to experience and we at BackPackClan won't let that happen. So, for that very reason, we wanted to bring this story to you which really needs your attention if you are planning for a bike trip to the Himalayas this season.

Famously known as the "Little Tibet", this beautiful ancient trans- Himalayan Valley is a sensuous artwork of nature. Blessed with absolute solitude of peace and tranquility, this Valley has become one of the best alternatives to Leh Ladakh. If you don't want to go through the wrath of rush in Leh-Ladakh then you must grant some attention to this paradise as well.

Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located in the pristine abode of Himalayas. With its ancient culture of Buddhism which goes back to centuries, no wonder this valley is Dalai Lama's favorite place for a retreat. As it is one of the least populated regions in India, its culture and nature is something serene and pristine.

You don't need reasons to visit this paradise but although it's better if you could get some starters for beginning though, right?. So, for your convenience, we have weaved some of the best reasons why you should go on a bike trip to Spiti Valley on your next expedition.

1. Its Pristine Geographical Diversity

Rudyard Kipling in his novel 'Kim' described Spiti valley as "a world within a world", which is undeniably a fact for everybody to take one upon. This valley on the banks of the majestic Spiti river and in the spectacle of snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas is truly the definition of heaven on earth. Take your bike and ride on this valley to get awestruck by its breathtaking landscapes which include the mighty mountains, soothing rivers, beautiful glaciers, and broad canyons.

Travelers just can't get enough of the exquisite wildlife of the flora and fauna this divine abode boasts about. This valley unusually connects people to nature which is indescribable and truly is a mystic. We at BackPackClan had organized a Spiti Bike Tour last year and it was truly a divine experience for our riders and we had a blast out there.

2. Your Second Home for Adventures:

This precious gem of nature which is renowned for its tranquilizing scenery and spiritual retreat heaven also has some surprises for the adventure freaks. Experience the adrenaline rush while you raft on the Spiti river, or go on an unusual Yak Safari by the Lakes and on the rugged terrains. Adventures in Spiti valley are far away from the expectations of your finite mind.

Bike Trips in Spiti is a craze that is picking up its hype lately. Bikers from around the world throng on to this valley to feed their adrenaline hunger. With thrilling activities like trekking, hiking, camping, Jeep Safari, Mountain Biking and a plethora of other adventurous action, this place is truly adventure heaven.

3. Experience its  Vibrant and Sacred Culture:

Spiti valley is a significant place for it being the research and culture center for the Buddhists. Due to a semi-nomad culture followed in this place, people from as far as 250 km come to this valley for animal grazing and camping during the summers. This valley is Home to some of the oldest monasteries in the world which are the Tabo, Key, Sherkhang, and Dhankar (more than 1000 years old).

The ancient architecture, culture, and traditions of this paradise go back to 1000 years of conservation. With only a few of the surviving Buchen Lamas of the Nyingmapa sect of Buddhism left in this valley, it is no wonder why it is so sacred and endangered. Just observing the simple and primal lifestyle of people out there will let you discover so much about yourself.

4. Highest Motorable Passes in India:

When people ask us, Why do bikers prefer Spiti valley over all other places?. We only have one answer for them which is, the Highest motorable roads in India. Which is true to its core because of the dramatic elevation of roads on this rugged terrain. The average elevation of the roads in this place is 12500 ft above the sea level. Which may give mountain sickness to some just by hearing the number.

Rohtang la pass which is 13,054 Feet (3,979m) and Kunzum pass which is just crazy with 15,059 feet (4,590 m) above the sea level are one of the highest motorable roads in India. This is the very reason bikers want to prove themselves and trash away all their fears they had for so long. Spiti bike tours are not complete if you don't reach these passes and also visit the highest post office in India.

5. Experience the Milky Way

This is one sight which we won't get to see and experience everywhere and lets you realize the cosmic universe which we live in. Tourists from all over the world come to this place for stargazing in kibber village of Spiti. You don't need a telescope or expensive equipment to experience the cosmic world. It is visible through your naked eyes

This scene is unique to its own and you shouldn't miss out on this one on your next bike trip to Spiti valley. This has the power to change your life as many of our riders have felt it in their last journey.

6. Photographer’s Paradise:

If you are a photographer or videographer then Spiti valley is the best destination for your next project or even if you just want it for fun. With a panoramic view of the landscapes of valleys, small settlements, ancient architectures, cultures, food, and wildlife, you can click amazing photos around this paradise.

Pack your tools, hop on a bike and just go with the flow and see where this abode takes you in your expedition. Every year we at BackPackClan get so excited when this paradise opens up its roads for its wanderers as bike trips to Spiti can be done only in the summers. So join us this season on this expedition of a lifetime.


Although reasons to go on a Spiti bike trip is unending, we tried to weave and present you some of the best out there. Spiti valley will truly leave a mark on your life and also could turn out to be a breakthrough you been waiting for mentally. This is what our riders have felt and we are sharing it with you you.

This valley is not just a destination, it is a journey which will remain in your heart for all times to come. You might leave your soul therein Spiti valley on your next bike trip, so be careful though. We have been touched by the magic of Spiti and we know you will be touched as well.