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11 Extremely Crazy Adventure Sports Destinations in India
Adventure Tours - 11 Extremely Crazy Adventure Sports Destinations in India

Adventure Tours - 11 Extremely Crazy Adventure Sports Destinations in India


Screwed up with the daily 9 to 5 monotonous schedule? This summer is the time to break the monotony of your boring life, something that is going to drive you away from the cage of your hectic life. Great weekends are around the corner & you have the chance to explore more & more with your loved ones & travel more & more. Travelling along with your loved ones on adventure tours is the perfect blend of happiness

Here is the list of the craziest destinations for adventure trips in India.


trekking adventure tours

Adventure tour  in Uttarakhand is just like dream come true for many trekkers. It is the lifetime experience of going for offbeat trekking with skeletons. It is just like heaven on earth for passionate trekkers but at the same time it is full of risk because your ultimate destination is Roopkund lake for adventure tours. The main terrific twist of this adventure tour is that there are number of human skeletons scattered all over, especially at the end of the lake. It is one of the most different trek in its own way- something that is very horrific & unexpected.

People are also so much fascinated by Trekking in Uttarakhand  Himalayas as it is one of the most important trekking destinations among the passionate trekkers


If you really wish to go for challenging adventure  trip to explore all the tricky areas with your best mates then you must opt for motorbike touring. Ladakh is undoubtedly one of the most adventure terrains in India. It’s beauty is incomparable to anything else as this full-on adventure tour will take you to all the wild destinations. You can either choose your own touring path or you can join any motorbike expedition that involves expert guidance. The entire route is full of thrill but at the same time trip is safe & enjoyable. The tour starts from Simla & goes till Leh crossing many of the exciting terrains & the natural forces are so strong to check the power of human endurance! People should only take care of their proper packaging & also its rightly said that this trip is not for weaker & faint hearts! So better be mentally & physically prepared for this adventure tour.




Meghalaya with its most captivating caves, is the best spot for adventure tours in India. Caving is full-on thrill exciting sport that is just the cup of tea of extra ordinary adventurous people. Meghalaya provides the best trek through its combination of its dense forest & beautiful waterfalls, so these caves are definitely going to entrain you. Hence, you must be prepared with all the necessary packaging in these remote caves as you might need many more stuff along with food. You might never know when you meet a wild friend on your way hence you must carry the safety gear on this adventure tour. For the explorers out there, entering, analyzing, delving deep inside the caves & learning the secrets of the old age caves gives the excitement that cannot be substituted by anything else in such adventure tours.



Parasailing is an interesting activity in its own self . It is a water sport that must not be missed at any cost while going for adventure tours. Imagine yourself rising high up in the sky & just like being an aerial in the deep high sky. It’s just like seeing the bird’s view of kerala during adventure tour. It is the fantasy of many thrilling tourists. Actually we can say that it is the most liked & sought after sport in most of the coastal areas in the country. In para sailing, a rope about 300 feet long is attached to the parasail harness and the other end is attached firmly to a speedboat. Paragliding during an adventure tour gives the pleasure of witnessing the clear & bright skies & stunningly glittering aquamarine below it.



Entering into Goa on adventure tour & you are just missing water sports, is not a perfect idea. Goa is famous for its great diverse culture of water sports. Goa is the ultimate destination for craziness if it comes to water sports. In India, talking in terms of adventure tours, Goa is the place which has taken a great diversification in terms of water sports with the launch of internationally popular- Flyboarding.

Who doesn’t have a dream of flying that too with the amazing blend of water?

Flyboarding is an activity which is the fantasy of many adventure junkies & gives you pleasure to fulfill all your fantasies. Enjoying the bliss of nature in this exciting way is the heavenly feeling. It’s an exhilarating, super fun activity & an unbelievable masterpiece for many crazy adventure souls. We can also relate to the craziness of Hrithik Roshan starring movie Bang Bang on flyboard!. Hence, you must also go ahead to carry out this sport however taking Katrina Kaif would still be a distant dream for adventure tours.



Who wouldn’t have the fantasy of flying high up in sky like a bird & enjoying the freedom of this beautiful nature on adventure tours? Even I would have that fantasy although I am not that much adventure freak but still I would like to dive into the sky. Skydiving is a sport that usually involves a skydiver to jump down from an airplane while it is flying and parachuting to the ground.

This is the chance for all the adventurous freaks during an adventure tour! Go & grab the amazing opportunity. Just imagine yourself into the bliss of nature & the experience the feeling that is out of the world. But life is the most important thing hence you must be with the expert to fulfill your fantasy. Hence Mysore is just your ultimate destination to accomplish your desire on adventure tour of undertaking this thrilling sport with the captivating view of clear blue sky & extreme greenery sparked across the valley.


flying fox adventure

It is very difficult for thrill seakers to set back & just relax. They find thousands of exciting new ways to just discover more & more. Adventure tours without fun would just be a boring activity that might make you loose your interest. Travelling in the delightful adventure tours over the hills, valleys, rivers in Kerala is called Flying Fox. The term flying fox is Australian English & in this activity you are tied to a high lying rope that is tied to the two opposite mountain tops. This sport is surely going to make your adventure tour a very exciting one as you are going to swing from one end to reach to the other & that would be a yippee moment for the adventure freaks

Also some other water sports or trampoline are very famous in kerala


rock climbing

Adventure freaks just crave for something like rock climbing with all the hot spots of adventures. Rock Climbing is one of the most exciting activity in Madhya Pradesh along with Rappling valley crossing, Jumaring & mountain climbing durin an adventure tour. The phenomenal rock Climbing extravaganza is provided by the Satpura mountain range with its bold terrain. Chanderi & Jabalpur are the also the incredible places of India that are just the worth seeing on your adventure tour. The adventure freaks have the goal to either completing the entire route in quickest possible time or attaining the farthest point. It is just competition among the climbers, something that has completely different meaning of thrill if seen through the eyes of adventurous tourists that are on adventure tours.


bunjee jumping

Probably, something that is my personal favourite activity. As I already mentioned earlier that I am not adventure freak but still it is my utmost favourite as it is like diving deep into the lap of the nature without any restrictions or boundaries!

If you also have such feelings on your adventure tour, then this is the most awaited activity sport for you, rishikesh being the best place to enjoy the ecstasy of weightlessness. Its your official ticket to fly into the air without any constraints. Enjoy the bliss of the clean & pure river ganges to have the delight of the adventure tour along with the group of your friends. One can also enjoy other important water sports like river rafting, kayaking, mountain climbing, and paragliding while you are on your adventure tour.


scuba diving

If you wish to have an  adventurous Scuba diving exposure on your adventure tour, then Sedate and cloistered Barren Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers the ultimate thrill for fulfilling your desires. Experience the bliss of the nature by diving deep into the crystal clear sterile & primeval water & savor the view of coral gardens and capture the amazing memories of captivating basalt formations. It is one of the best spots to enjoy adventure sports of India associated to water for your adventure tour.

These destinations don’t only give you adventure but also provide you the bliss of relaxation & luxurious stay facilities to give a dose of peace to your mind after undertaking spine-chilling & thrilling sports on adventure tours.


motorcycle touring

Lavished with the natural attractions & wish to have heavenly bliss like smooth ambience of regions of Leh & Ladakh, then this adventure tour is the right path for you guys!

Ladakh is one of the barely populated regions of Jammu & Kashmir & Kashmir is known has heaven on earth, if you wish to experience such heaven then go on for this adventure tour on motorbike because you will get the chance to explore the nature by getting into it. You will have the benefit of sightseeing along with biking. If you are nature lover then choose this adventure tour on bike. Such tour is counted among the best biking adventure tours in the high terrains. It is one of the lifetime opportunities & get ready to have that unforgettable experience on this well planned itinerary. The young folk would get the chance to know about the Ladakhi culture like visit to Pangong Tso, one of the most famous and breathtaking lakes in the world.