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Bike Trips - Why to choose a Bike over a Car for your next Adventurous Trip
Bike Trips - Why to choose a Bike over a Car for your next Adventurous Trip

Bike Trips - Why to choose a Bike over a Car for your next Adventurous Trip

Why to PREFER BIKE over CAR?

It is actually a never ending or we can say it is a debatable issue that what to prefer while travelling for your next road trip, something which is exotic & exciting. In the modern current scenario, we have been amazed to see that explorers are usually switching from four wheelers to two wheelers that means they are opting for bike trips. Once a person has experienced that thrill of enjoying nature through bike trips, then obviously he would never shift to car.

prefer bike trips

Some of the main attractions for the bike riders are-


Dedication is the most important factor for a person who is going for the Motorbike Trip. A passionate biker is much more in love with his bike than anything else. They would do anything to ensure the maintenance of their bikes in bike trips.

Environment & Surroundings

Nature is the gift to us & hence environment must be the priority of the bike riders in their bike trip. Every human must value nature & then only nature is going to value human. So during the bike trips, bikes are a great means of impressive compensation as the emission levels are very low. In case of excessive pollution levels, bike trips prevents crowding.

Value for Money

value money

Bikes are less costlier to maintain as compared to car. If someone is money minded & values for his expenses, then he is always a champion with the bikes & must go for bike trip. Also if you are owning a stunning bike then you are in the eyes of many people on streets & one can take the feeling of king during bike trips.


Bikers are the ones who can easily cross the roads ie. spaces between the roads. They can easily cheat the crowd  even through the worst traffic jams on bike even on the bike trips. They can easily cross the long patterned  roads. Bikers actually don’t consider any bounds of the streets while on the other hand car drivers takes hours to cover even a short distance hence bike trips are usually beneficial for people.

Fun & Amusement


Bike trips are always full of entertainment whether it’s a chilly cold weather outside or a rainy season or a thunder storm, bike riders always get happy while riding bike. The joy of intersecting the tricky & curvy roads is somewhat completely different & can’t be explained in words. It’s a completely out if the world feeling that drives you away from the negative vibes, clearing your mind, body & soul during your bike trip.


The main piece of attraction for the couples during bike trip, is the spark of romance & love. Riding on the bike with your beloved ones is the most amazing feeling. People often spend quality time with each other & if it’s a rainy weather then it is icing on the cake for the couple & romance is in the air.

Why Bike Drives Soul?

  • Great Level of Thrill


If you are an adventurous kind of person or a thrill seaker, Then purchase a stunning bike & start for bike trip, because it is something that is going to rejuvenate your mind & soul. Bike trips actually provide less level of comfort but great levels of thrill.

  • Desire to Seek more Public Attention

If  you wish to seek more public attention, then person must opt for bike trip on the most alluring bike as it gives new levels of passion & adventure. Although it costs much less than car but it helps you to get more public attention

  • Awesome Feeling of The Awesome Weather

awesome weather

Restricting yourself in four walls of air conditioned car is somewhat getting only the sheer bliss of the amazing climate. A person might miss amazing bliss of the nature like mountains, flowing rivers, chirping of the birds, beautiful landscapes. Bike trips help you to explore nature in deep & drenching yourself in the rainy season is a complete blissful feeling. You start feeling the world in a complete new way  like breeze, fragrance in the air & people can easily enjoy the lovely scenic places if they are opting for bike trips

Why Bike Trips is Really Special?

bike trips special

If  you are a thrill kind of person & you love enjoying every little bit of the environment, every small little pretty thing about  nature like morning sunshine, flowing rivers, blissful sunset, shining stars at night, the sounds of the streets, people waving at the tourist. Then you are a kind of person who is actually perfect for the special bike trip. Riding your  stunning bike with your loved ones is the most amazing feeling. Fresh nature seems to change the entire thoughts & adds  to lot of unforgettable memories. Riding a bike from one destination to another across open streets & markets is the modern day compensation of setting off into the sunset on horseback. According to the changing scenario, bike riding is one of the coolest things as motorcycle evokes a sense of nostalgia, fun, excitement & craziness. A person should never miss an opportunity to explore the world out there, because there are a lot more things to know & explore in the outside world which are beyond our expectations. One has rightly said that “No other form of  vehicle connects you with the road in such a way that a motorbike connects you”

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What is most Fascinating About Bike Trip?

bike trips

  1. You are into the Picture

The only difference with the motorbike travelling and car is that basically you are in the scene, rather than just being a patient observer through the bounds of nature. You are actually becoming a close part of the nature in Bike trip.

  1. Access to Freedom


The opportunity & Flexibility of excursion during bike Trip is beyond the expectations. You are actually not being confined to four walls of car & one can easily munch & snack at any place wherever he wants to stop.

  1. Capturing the Best Snaps

I think if you are taking bike trip, then you can just snap each & every amazing moment of the journey & utilize that sweet time in capturing some of the breathtaking photographs which is somewhat difficult in car travelling.

  1. Exploring Something Out of The Way

exploring way

Personally speaking, I love undertaking the paths that are off the single beaten tack. You can endevour the interesting little cottages, just hang out a little bit. Bike Trip obviously gives a chance to people to spot signs that are designating towards interesting sites & destinations.

  1. Meeting the Native Folk

Bike Trips enables the tourists to chat & interact with the local people of any place. It would provide you an extra ordinary chance to meet get immersed into the native culture of any village like peasants, farmers working in their fields. It is actually something that is completely unexpected & adds to the lifetime memories for a person to cherish.