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Best Road Trip Destinations in India

Best Road Trip Destinations in India

Have you even realized that you just got this one life to experience this world and the wonders it has stored in itself for you to come and unfold it because one day you will be on your death bed and you will regret all those things you didn’t do in this short span of your existence and you wouldn’t want to end it that way? So, to experience world you got to get out there and to start with it, what better than a road trip. A road trip to an unfamiliar place can change or even enhance your perspective towards life and India has one of the best road trip destinations in the world. Take your bike or rent one and don’t wait for nothing because life is not all about earning money and paying your bills. so, get out there because one day you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you will remember.

1.Manali – Leh Route

Manali Leh Route best road trip destinations in india

Manali - Leh highway is located at the highest elevated terrains of India and is one route you must try for its thrilling adventure. Located at more than 15000ft above the sea level, this route is one of the highest motorable roads in the world. You will get to see mountain ranges on both sides of the route where the sight of natural sand and rock formation is going to take your breath away. This route is one hell of a challenging route because you need to go through ice-cold water streams, snowcapped mountains and glacial melts which requires you to be a very much of an experienced driver. Start your adventure from this route.

2.Shimla – Manali Route via Mandi

Shimla Manali Route via Mandi

Once you reach Shimla you can go for sightseeing there and then make your way towards this route and its one of the most beautiful routes you will ever see. The scenic beauty of Shimla and Manali is one deadly combination with lush green forests all around, hilly slopes, snowcapped mountains seen in far distance. You will find the sweetest people you have ever met in this route. People are very helpful and welcoming. This route is best if you want to relax and unwind because Manali will be waiting for you with its adventures. This route may not be so challenging but you cannot underestimate it and you got to be cautious while driving.

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3.Shimla – Manali via Kinnaur and Spiti

Shimla Manali via Kinnaur Spiti

Shimla to Manali route can also be made through kinnaur and Spiti and its the one which is quite famous among travelers because of its extreme conditions and thrilling adventure. This route is one of the deadliest roads in India because of the frequent landslides and high-altitude mountain passes where accidents happen like every day. But don’t get afraid with this because this only happens with inexperienced drivers. Scenic beauty in this route is one big attraction for tourists to this place, with shining snowcapped mountains, intriguing architecture and mesmerizing landscape views, you need to watch out for this route.

4.Delhi – Shimla

Delhi Shimla road trip destinations india

This route will show you the diversity of India taking you from plains of Delhi to the hilly roads of Shimla. It is one of the most satisfying routes if you are taking a bike or a car because the scenic beauty around this route is really soothing and relaxing. Wouldn’t recommend taking a bus on this route because this is a risky route and these bus drivers are very harsh on the roads. It’s a long route so you can even make a halt in Solan which is an hour away from Shimla. Take this route if you want to get addicted to the adventures of North India because you would consider to come again.

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5.Delhi – Agra via Mathura on Yamuna Expressway

Delhi Agra via Mathura yamuna expressway

This route is a great way to travel to Agra, as this route has the best road in the country. This route is best if you are thinking of travelling to Taj mahal or Agra fort. You can cover this route in less than two hours which spreads at a distance of 165 kms. This route has nothing to provide you on both the sides while you ride but this is its quality. You don’t have to see anything because this route is so fast that you won’t even realize it once you reach your destination. So, to experience route for a faster travel experience, this is your gateway

6.Delhi – Jaipur

Delhi Jaipur

Jaipur, famously know as the pink city is one place every Indian must go to, if they want to see the sacred and ancient India and you can start your journey from Delhi if you want to because it is one of the most well-maintained road in India as it is one of the biggest contributor to the Indian tourism. The food you get on this route is so exquisite because of its Rajasthani influence and most of the people are very much welcoming towards any outsider or a tourist. So, don’t be worried about the people there because they are very friendly and helpful.

7.Guwahati – Tawang

Guwahati Tawang

Located at the heart northeast this route is a long unwinding road which spreads across about more than 500 kms. So, don’t even think of covering it in a day. You need to take some time and go on this escapade. One thing you should do before going on this route is get an inner line permit(ILP) even for Indians. But this route is worth the hard work because of its untouched nature and a very much sacred culture and traditions. Get mesmerized with the scenic beauty of Arunachal Pradesh because this route will take you from the plains to the high terrains. People around this route are mostly Buddhist so this will be another thing to watch out for as you get to see many things related to Buddhism like its architecture and all.

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8.Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathu-La Pass

Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo

This route is also one of the highest motorable roads in India which is covered with lush abundance of flora and fauna. This route starts from Sikkim's Gangtok and goes through the tsomgo lake to the Nathu la pass which is one of the highest mountain passes in India. Tsomgo lake is a lake which is considered to be very sacred by the local people of Sikkim and is of a great significance to them. Nathu la pass is a mountain pass which is located more than 14000ft above the sea level and is one challenging route. So, you need to be an expert if you want to take this adventure road trip.

9.Shillong – Cherrapunjee

Shillong Cherrapunjee

Cherrapunjee is, the wettest terrains in the whole wide world. You get rainfall here like no other place. This a short route of just 53 kms but i would recommend you to not be too fast because the view outside the window is something you shouldn’t miss out. The lush green forests all around with astonishing waterfalls are a treat to every traveler. Credited as the wettest place on earth. The culture and tradition that people have out there is a very unique one. They are known as Khasi people who live at Khasi hills. So, this is a wonder of India and you must go through this route to reach Cherrapunjee.

10.Mumbai – Goa

Mumbai Goa

A Mumbai to Goa road trip should be on your bucket list if have seen the film 'Dil Chata Hai' because in that film this route has been shown comprehensively and it had become a rage during those times and it hasn’t lost its shine till now. The scene of green coconut trees, Paddy fields, areca nut plantation, with beautiful hills are going to make your day and will be a lifetime experience for you. You should be cautious though during the monsoon seasons while driving on this route. This route is a very challenging one so tight your seat belts before you start your journey on this route.

11.Mumbai – Pune Expressway

Mumbai Pune Expressway

This route is one of the busiest and best roads in India. Lonavla is a common place on everybody's mouth if they want to travel to some hill stations. Attractive hilly surroundings of this route are just awesome and lush green forests all around the route connects you with the nature. This is a 93-km route, so do consider to make some halts and get in to some dhabas because the food there gives you a desi feel with special Indian cuisines. So, whenever you come to Mumbai do not forget to know this route and plan a trip through it.

12.Jaipur – Jaisalmer

Jaipur Jaisalmer

This route takes you from the colorful city of Jaipur to the golden deserts of Jaisalmer. The roads on this route are so well-maintained that the distance of more than 500 kilometers between these two places feels like nothing. You get to see intricate culture and traditions of people along the way. People providing you free water or free food is a culture to serve outsiders. Isn’t it awesome? You must try the delicacies of the dhabas or restaurants along this highway because all of them cuisines look so royal and taste so delicious that you might get into biting your finger in the process.

13.Kolkata – Digha

Kolkata Digha

From the hustle and bustle of Kolkata to the remote Digha this route is favorite of every bengoli living in Kolkata. Digha is a simple and remote place and also is a tourist destination so the hospitality over there is very good and people really work on the promotion of tourism. One attraction of Digha is its sea beach which is a soothing place to sit around and have a peaceful time. You can even try for pony and horse rides once you reach at the beach. The beaches are very much clean and you can have a great time there. So, do consider this road trip if you ever go to Kolkata.

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14.Bangalore – Ooty via Mysore

Bangalore Ooty via Mysore

This south Indian route is a real treat for all adventure lovers because of its hilly roads which is a milder version of Manali – Leh route but it will be a thrilling experience for you. This route holds the famous Nilgiri hills in its heart which is an extraordinary sight to see for anyone. The green forests of this route connect you with the nature and you get one of the freshest air here in India. The roads on this route are of great condition and is maintained frequently because of its booming tourism. This is a hilly route but it is not that under developed because you will get every facility along the road and super eatery options

15.Ahmedabad to Kutch

Ahemadabd to Kutch

This route is one of a kind in India because its uniqueness is unmatchable to any other place in India. The salty white desert which is called the Rann of Kutch along this route is its gem and people are left in disbelief once they get the view of it. The camel rides are the best recreational activity to do around this route. You must be real prepared before going in to this route because it’s a remote place with less of modern amenities and also you got to know the weather out here because it is quite unpredictable and harsh. The food here is very authentic and mouthwatering because Ahmedabad is a land of food lovers and they are very particular with what they eat.

India is the land of diversity and holds some of the largest varieties of road system in the world. You get hilly at one stop and complete plains at another. You should start with this list because it takes you to every culture and lands of India through its road. You will not feel that we have overrated these places once you go out there and experience it with your own eyes. Indian roads are waiting for you with open hands and now it’s all up to you to accept this invitation and go out there to experience this blissfulness. Get packing already!