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Reasons to Take Bikes On Rent In Delhi - BackPackClan
Reasons to Rent a Bike In Delhi with BackPackClan

Reasons to Rent a Bike In Delhi with BackPackClan

You may have been real anxious to rent a bike and go on that adventure trip that has been lingering in your mind for ages now. If you are exhausted with your life and this trip is like your last resort, we at backpackclan got your back.

 We provide bike rental service in Delhi like no other agents out there and we know that to rent a bike on a first thought might get some people all complicated but we have created a whole new system of renting bikes which has been remarkably simplified to serve you better.

To give you a whole better experience we prioritize convenience for you as you can now purchase your rentals right from our website backpackclan.com and check out all services which we provide, which can make your Road trip smoother without any obstacles. So, visit us, clear all your doubts and pack your bags.

1. Get the Best Bikes

rent a bike in delhi

A road trip on bike is like one of the most blissful experience ever, that you can make in your lifetime and you would want to make it on a bike that has a stunning look with great running condition. So, choose us if you want to rent a bike in Delhi because we provide you the best bikes you can get in the market today with terrific condition. The bikes we provide are maintained regularly by our partner mechanics, so that you don’t face any kind of problems during the journey. So, the next time you think you want bike on rent in Delhi then we are one of the most reliable sources you can ever get.

2. Get bikes at an affordable rate

bike rental delhi

To rent a bike may be a lot more affordable than buying your own just for a short trip and it can save that money you may need during the trip. So, you can obviously rent a bike in Delhi with us at a very much affordable and reasonable rate. The bikes we provide for rental, range between not more than Rs.350-1200 per day and this is far most one of the best deal you can get out there. A complimentary helmet also will be provided because we care about your safety during the trip. So, backpackclan gives you the best at affordable prices.

3. We even provide tour booking facility

rent a bike in delhi

Just to take a ride may not be your only reason to rent a bike in Delhi, you would want to go to a peaceful land with less of a noise and more of nature all around you. You want to travel to an unfamiliar place to experience that adventure but you have to plan everything beforehand which includes the accommodation, food and travel. But, don’t worry about it because we even provide customized tour offers where we serve all your needs during the trip. So, in a nutshell backpack clan is a one stop shop for all your travel desires.

4. Rent a bike in Delhi conveniently with our website

bike on rent in delhi

We at backpackclan believe in providing our customers with a very much convenient and a hassle-free way of renting a bike because you can now purchase your bike rentals irrespective of where you are at the moment with our website which displays a large range of bikes to select from and also all the services we provide at BackPackClan. So, just from a desktop or a mobile you can know all about us and the services we provide. Now you don’t have to waste time going to a retail shop if you want to rent a bike in Delhi because we serve you at your doorstep

5. Overdose of adventurous activities

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If you are that adventure freak then backpackclan is your best choice because we not only provide bikes on rent in Delhi but also are experts in conducting thrilling adventurous activities which may take your breath away if we start naming some. Adventure Activities like camping, River rafting, jungle safari and mountain trekking are conducted during the trip so that you get the best out of the trip because some people are not frequent travelers. So, we aim to give you a lifetime experience and not just rent a bike because you have high expectations and we want to live up to it

6. Tour guide facility

bike rental service in delhi

Making a trip to an unfamiliar place maybe a thought provoking thing but don’t worry because backpackclan got you covered as we provide a guide who will instruct you with all necessary information you need. Having a guide is very important because you will always have someone who has a good knowledge about the history, geography, local customs, and many other things that you may not know about the place you are about to visit. So, our job is not only to rent a bike in Delhi but also guide you throughout the time you ride on that bike.


At backpack clan we provide our customers with the best available bike rental service in Delhi, be it to rent a bike in Delhi, manage a tour, perform adventure activities we guarantee you that we will excel in all the fields. Our first priority goes to customer satisfaction and we want them to have a trip that they can remember for a long time. Backpackclan is not an agent but an online marketplace which brings different agents and travelers in a single platform where they can meet up and go on an escapade. So, stop doubting yourself and rent a bike today. Let’s travel, explore and share.