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An Exciting Trip To Leh Ladakh By Road

An Exciting Trip To Leh Ladakh By Road

Trip To Leh Ladakh is something that is a complete package of adventure, excitement, thrill & fun of course.It can obviously be a biker with the recurring interest, a beast on wheels who loves to explore road trip to Leh Ladakh with family and elderly people.

The First Acquaintance about Trip To Leh Ladakh

trip to leh ladakh by road

Leh, A reckless place made up of and surrounded by Greater Himalayas, Ladakh in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India is the eventual destination for all the adventurous, daredevil people & thrill seakers. The main fascinating attractions of this desolated yet awe inspiring destination lies in its captivating attractions like high altitude mountain passes, turquoise lake, desert in the air & breathtaking monasteries. Trip to Leh Ladakh is something which must be certainly a included  item in your bucket list if you are an adventurous & daring  kind of person. Some of the captivating & irresistible attractions that one should undertake are daring Chadar Trek over frozen Zanskar River. Its main adventure is located above an altitude of 10,000 that is of course a challenging Terrain. So one should not leave any stone unturned while his trip to Leh Ladakh so that the person returns with all unforgettable memories to admire in the future  but at the same time one should not expect any luxuries like ATM’s, petrol pumps, cell phones, food of choice & hotels with wifi on his trip to Leh Ladakh.

Recent Revision in the Condition of Ladakh by Road

Now according to the recent updates there is an amazing news that is, the Zojila Pass that connects Srinagar to Leh via Kargil through National  Highway 1D is accessible now. So now its very convinient for public to trek through road  also people can conquer their trip to Leh  Ladakh by Motorcycle.

Attitude Towards Climatic Adaptations in Ladakh

One should always be prepared with all the climatic issues and ofcourse with the problem of how fast an individual can adjust with  the climate of  a place while preparing for his trip to Leh Ladakh. The base of holidays is Leh,  that is managerial centre which is located at the height of 11,500 feet, so one should be strengthened enough for changes. But one should stay at night at Darcha on Leh Manali highway for better intake to high altitude condition during his trip to Leh Ladakh.

Matter of Health Concern for Different Genrations

Now its a general observation that when families are planning for their trip to Leh Ladakh, it has been witnessed that seniors and youngsters cope better in regard to adapting the climatic changes and with proper planning & measures one can easily tavel for his trip to Leh Ladakh.

Inner Line Permits Allocation

Moving on to the rooted areas while considering the trip to Leh Ladakh, an individual doesn’t  require inner line permits like pangong Tso, Tso mori ri, Nubra valley, Changthang,  Hunder. In earlier times the Population just needed  to produce a copy of their inner line permit at Military check posts & that was basically an identity card to prove their  nationality. It can be voter id, driving licence or any other legal document.

What to Pack for Trip to Leh Ladakh?

The foremost important thing for a person who is travelling for the trip to Leh Ladakh  is a well organized packing for holidays whether that person is going  single or with friends or rather be family. Because of the chilled and snowy weather conditions Ladakh and obviously almost all the settlements are placed at a great height, so some particular care must be taken to cope up with weather conditions. Ladakh  remains freezing for all part of the year as it is situated in Greater Himalayas, however, one can expect scorching sunny mornings for some unexpected days. During the daytime, temperature rises but there is an expeditiously fall after sunset, so warm jackets, hand gloves etc. are very important to carry during the trip to Leh Ladakh.

Brief List of Things to Be Packed for Exotic Ladakh Trip

  • 2 warm jackets
  • Thermal innerwear, more than one set
  • Sun glasses to save yourself from harsh sunny heat at great heights and to protect eyes from dangerous effects of sun rays.
  • Sunscreen lotion to be applied evenly on skin
  • Mufflers, Scarves to cover the bod

Is It Important to Carry Money in Ladakh Trip?

Its not necessary for people to carry money in hand because lot of ATMs are there from place to place in Ladakh but of course there is problem of cash while trekking to places like Nubra Valley, Changthong, Pangong Tso, so one must necessarily carry cash along with him as there is no ATM facility.

One of The Most Important Issue - Accomodation

During trip to Leh Ladakh, tourists must not expect five star luxuries & fascinations in hotel industry in Ladakh. Talking about inside & outside areas of resort, there are very few 4star hotels  in Leh city. Moreover, the hotels in Ladakh provide warm water only 1-2 times per day. Depending on the level of ease & his comfort a customer can easily afford a comfortable  room as INR 1000 for 3 persons per night. The other options for the tourists can be lodges, Guest houses, apartments, resorts and hotels which could charge cost around from 3000 to 6000 per night. Pre-booking is actually not necessary for most of the tourists for their visit to most of the places in Ladakh. Pre-book only if you are looking for deluxe stay while your trip to Leh Ladakh.

Food Facilities in Ladakh

Yes of course, food is something that comes first in the mind of people, because different people coming from different cultures have different tastes, hence people could find a number of cafeterias all having the common name German bakery, may be there’s something attractive  about the places being called “German”. But still good eating options are there in Ladakh that allures the tourists who have come for their trip to Leh Ladakh, But there is  not availability of all Cuisines of food.

Budget Planning is Must

 Depending on the interest of traveller & his daring attitude towards  travelling,  Budget could vary from INR 5000 to a few lakhs but again it would be according to the trecking distance. But looking towards the cheapest option, it would be advisable to use  personal vehicle for travelling so that it comes in the reach of general public or normal tourist.