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Motorbike Travelling-Renting a Bike for next Road Trip
Motorbike Travelling - Renting a Bike for Next Road Trip

Motorbike Travelling - Renting a Bike for Next Road Trip

Why to Choose Motorbike Travelling for your Next Road Trip?

Actually in my opinion, one of the best way to come close across nature or to explore a beauty of place is through Motorbike Travelling. It is something which is incomparable to anything else, its a feeling of total enjoyment and freedom, of really soaking yourself in the beautiful scenic ambience of the place, enjoying the small little things of nature like having a bliss of hot sunshine, the refreshing breeze that is flowing through your hair & of course the most exciting one is meeting the different people on road from different culture during your motorbike travelling. In my personal experience also, I think that it is the one of the most important activity  that a person should atleast try once in his lifetime to make something memorable in his life.

You just need the combination of best people, exciting roads & some awesome bikes to escape yourself from the  monotony of  daily schedules so that one can rejoice in his life. Trust me or not Motorbike Travelling can be the most thrilling activities of all the times on the most adventurous terrains. It can become more & more awesome as the exciting journey goes on which is actually very interesting about Motorbike Travelling.

Motorcycle Trippin

The biggest question that usually arises during motorbike travelling is to how to initiate his ride ie. Riding through your own vehicle to destination, dragging a motorbike there or directly renting a motorbike at the main destination

Each option has its pros & cons. Let’s have a look-


Pros - During your Motorbike travelling, if you are riding your own bike then basically aware about your positives, negatives, strengths, shortcomings & of course it would be budget friendly

Cons - You have to limit your journey to some extent & also the person may not be able to spend much time on destination & of course there might be a lot of wear & tear during your Motorbike Travelling.


Pros - Once you have reached your destination  & then you are riding a bike from the vacation spot, then it becomes convenient for the person to explore different things during his motorbike travelling as there is less wear & tear also you can have your own stoppage points.

Cons -  Dragging a bike is not so much easy as there’s more risk & a person might have to face a lot of  parking problems in your motorbike travelling.


Pros - The most common & frequent choice of a distant traveller is to just rent a motorbike. The only thing is to choose a good dealer near your holiday destination  & a person can choose a thriller bike for that time period for his motorbike travelling. They usually have a trendy bikes of latest models & one can initiate a good dealership & person can get a chance to enjoy personal ride on way likely better vehicles

Cons - The only drawback one has to experience is to return back the bike after  his touring but still you are left with the most amazing & unforgettable  memories.

Why to Choose Motorbikes for Delving into The City?

There is something peculiarly interesting & innovating about diving deep into the strange new cities through the personal motorbikes, the vibrant aura of streets, the oscillating life in streets, street life seems to be more dynamic & energetic. The ambience of the downtown  usually overwhelmes the senses. Motorbike Travelling is actually something that makes you completely feel excited, lively, & of course well mesmerized by the moment so that you are completely engrossed into it

You can feel the rich & exciting aura of the different cuisines of food  before actually seeing them & of course one can come across the different languages that are usually spoken by the different people in the different surroundings. The basic satisfaction that a person can get through  Motorbike Travelling is that he realizes that its not a homogeneous place but actually a drapery of neighbourhood that is interconnected. There are no bounds to business, spaces & people.

Craze for Food Culture

There may be number of times or dozens of instances when a person might have to stop himself on his way during motorbike travelling just by smelling the rich aroma of live food that is cooked in a lively way on the streets of the city, it might be the fresh essence of exotic coffee beans. So if someone is on his personal vehicle, then of course he can stop at any point & can enjoy endless choices during motorbike travelling.

It’s a human nature to explore food & the journey without tasting the speciality of that place is a complete wastage of an awesome journey like motorbike travelling. One cannot resist himself from dining at the different corners of the area which is famous for the different types of food in motorbike travelling. Its rightly said that knowing deep about food culture doesn’t  necessarily mean tasting all the dishes. A person can just move on to explore the cooking culture of new place. In motorbike travelling a person can also become part of live performance, his level of creativity can make him explore different things like coffee beans extract, basic originality of many famous cuisines, raw materials used for making of cocktails durin his journey of motorbike travelling.

What is Most Fascinating about Motorbike Travelling?

  1. You are into the Picture

The only difference with the motorbike travelling and other vehicles is that basically you are in the scene, rather than just being a patient observer through the bounds of nature. You are actually becoming a close part of the nature in motorbike travelling.

  1. Access to Freedom

The opportunity & Flexibility of excursion during Motorbike Travelling is beyond the expectations. You are actually not being confined to four walls & one can easily munch & snack at any place wherever he wants to stop.

  1. The Landscapes

The  main dominance of Motorbike Travelling is that it provides the clear 180 degrees view to its tourists without any obstruction to whichever place you may go. You can get a soothing experience by watching the beautiful roads & sceneries on either sides.

  1. Capturing The Best Snaps

I think if you are taking motorbike travelling, then you can just snap each & every amazing moment of the journey & utilize that sweet time in capturing some of the breathtaking photographs

  1. Exploring Something Out of The Way

Personally speaking, I love undertaking the paths that are off the single beaten tack. You can endevour the interesting little cottages, just hang out a little bit. Motorbike Travelling  obviously gives a chance to people to spot signs that are designating towards interesting sites & destinations.

  1. Meeting The Native Folk

Motorbike Travelling enables the tourists to chat & interact with the local people of any place. It would provide you an extra ordinary chance to meet get immersed into the native cultureof any village like peasants, farmers working in their fields. It is actually something that is completely unexpected adds to the lifetime memories for a person to cherish.

  1. Its Really Affordable

If you are renting a bike then of course it’s a good deal to go for motorbike travelling as it provides all the benefits. The charge for renting a bike is usually five to ten dollars per day & if you have your own bike then obviously its better choice

Is It Safe to Choose Motorbike Travelling?

The most important thing for a person is to have concern for his safety, especially if he is unexperienced for Motorbike Travelling. It can be a dangerous activity for many but by using common sense, person can minimize the chances of risk.

So, inorder to avoid risk one must follow some of the tips like-

  • If you are not well acquainted by area then definitely carry a map along with you.
  • Practice is the most important thing while Motorbike Travelling because getting confidence is foremost important as one has to tour along the twist & turns of the trek.
  • Opting for the type of clothes is one of the most important tip, super hot wear outs, going in for long pants along with full sleeves shirt. This can be the most effective tip in case of nasty injury.
  • Choose a pair of hard shoes rather than regular flip flops during your motorbike travelling.

Use a good quality of helmet from saving your life from any  any kind of serious injury.