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Bhutan Bike Expedition | Unexplored Paradise Adventure Tour - Backpackclan
My expedition to the unexplored paradise of Northeast India & Bhutan

My expedition to the unexplored paradise of Northeast India & Bhutan

Living in India is a blessing for any passionate traveler and I am really grateful that I was born in this country. The diversity of the places and its culture has always fascinated me because it makes me realize the evolution we all have gone through. Being a passionate traveler has always motivated me to explore places and make memorable expeditions for myself. Recently I was on a business tour but I had no clue that it would turn out to be a blissful Bhutan bike expedition. We had selected some places from the northeast states of India and we also took a trip to the land of the thunder dragon, Bhutan. This blog will not only give you a picture of the places but also a virtual experience of the paradises we visited on our journey.

Day 1: Delhi To Kolkata

We woke up to a bright sunny day which was like perfect to start our journey. My backpack was all packed, the night before as I was so excited and charged up for the journey. I met all of my companions in the Airport and we sat on this plane to Kolkata from where we will start the journey. The flight was good and we finally landed at Kolkata and headed for our hotel as we had a long journey tomorrow by road to Sikkim. So, we took some tour of Kolkata too and had a great time there with good places and awesome food.

Day 2: Kolkata to Sikkim

So, as planned we had our car already booked and we started our journey from Kolkata. Kolkata also is quite cold in winters so got to have those warm sets of clothes. I was nervous about the journey as I have heard that the roads could be harsh sometimes but it turned out fine as it was not so bad. It's a 300km long journey so we had to make a night halt somewhere in between. Lahen was the best choice for the night halt as hotels were available there. So, we called it a day and prepared ourselves for an early morning tour of Sikkim.

day 2 car kolkata

Kolkata to Sikkim

backpackclan bhutan trip

Day 3: Sikkim - Gurudongmaar Lake

So, in the morning we started early so that we can reach Sikkim and start our expedition as early as possible. Once we reached Sikkim, we checked in our hotel rooms and packed our bags for a complete tour of Sikkim. Our driver picked us up at 5:30 in the morning and we were going to explore the Gurudongmaar lake for today. It was freezing out there on the road with the meter showing -2-degree Celsius. Frozen fog drops on our car were something I haven't seen in a long time. After traveling for 40 km we made a hold on Thangu to have some breakfast. We had Maggi and some local dish with it. The road was very bad on the journey but the destination was worth it. Gurudongmaar lake is something to watch out for real. The lake was partially frozen and looked like a blue lagoon surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The weather was really harsh with -6 degrees on the meter and very windy. Stayed there for about 20 minutes and headed back to Lachung for the overnight stay there.



Day 3 : Sikkim - Gurudongmaar Lake

Day 4: Sikkim - Zero Point

My alarm woke me up at 5 am for another exciting day in Sikkim. I was struggling to even wash my face as the water was so cold because of the freezing weather. But it didn't stop me or ruin my mood as I was mentally prepared for this. So, by 5:30, we were on the road heading towards the famous zero points which were like the borderline between India and China. The scenic beauty on the route was enthralling, with snow clad mountains all over, beautiful yaks grazing around the area, Lush green forest and a breath of fresh air all around the place which just made my day. Once we reached Yumesamdong also called the zero point, we met some of our brave army officials who were vigorously protecting our country from any intruder. Salute and respect to them to work in such harsh conditions. We stayed there for about 30 mins and were back to our rooms by 8:00 pm. Sikkim has some resemblances to Ladakh but Sikkim is really underrated as it's not yet explored by most and has not come on a mainstream notice.

Sikkim - Zero Point

Sikkim - Zero Point backpackclan

Sikkim - Zero Point bhutan road trip

Day 5: Darjeeling

Next day, we all woke up early morning for our next stop which was Darjeeling. I was really excited to see what Darjeeling had stored for us to see. As soon as we reach Darjeeling, the first thing we did was to go to a restaurant and get something to eat. We entered this famous restaurant and ordered an amazing english breakfast for ourselves. Then after that, we went out to get a view of the great mountain Kanchunjunga and it was even more astonsihing to what I heard about it. The toy trains, beautiful architectures, good food, and good people were so soothing and blissful. After some time in Sikkim, we headed back to Siliguri where our first stop was at Merek. Merek is like the hub of tea gardens with lush green bushes of tea garden all over. In Merek we also got the chance to visit the Indo Nepal border. After that, we headed back to Siliguri and reached there at 6 pm. After that, we left our zoom car and got ourselves a new car to go to Phuentsholing which is a border town of Bhutan. After 4 hours long drive, we checked in our rooms and called it a day.

Darjeeling day 5

Darjeeling city

Day 5 : Darjeeling

road trip to darjeeling

Day 6: Bhutan - Phuentsholing to Paro

So, now we were finally in the land of the thunder dragon and I felt like this is going to be a lifetime experience for me. First of all, we need to get a permit from the immigration office so that we can visit the capital and other designated places. All Indians have to get this permit as the visa is not required. So we got it ready in about 2 hours and we were ready to go now. We hired a taxi to Paro which is a famous western state in Bhutan for its deep preserved culture and traditions. The road was good, only in some places, it was a bit rough but overall it was a great journey. BRO signs were all over this route and this made me feel proud to see that our country is bringing so much of development to these developing countries. My first impression Paro was something I have never seen before. Clean valley, well-structured buildings, and mesmerizing scenic beauty. Once we reached our hotel room we rested for a while and went out to experience the nightlife in Paro. We played snooker, went to a karaoke club and sang our heart out. What made me really happy was that the people were so friendly and welcoming. So, the night ended and we were back in our rooms as were really tired because of the journey.

Phuentsholing to Paro

Bhutan - Phuentsholing to Paro

bhutan backpackclan

Day 7: Bhutan

Had an awesome Bhutanese breakfast in the morning and I was so excited for today because we were going to the visit the famous tiger nest which is one of the holiest monasteries in Bhutan which was built during ancient times by a celebrated guru of Bhutan. Its architecture defies all laws of science because it looks like it has been pasted on a big mountain out of nowhere. It is 17000ft above the sea level and is about 7km walk because no vehicle can reach such elevation. We all thought that this will be a piece of cake but it turned out to totally opposite. We could just complete 70% of the trek and returned back to the ground from there. You need good physical fitness and stamina to complete this famous trek. Also because we were short of time, we were back to our rooms. Our next stop was Chele la pass which is one of the highest and the coldest pass in Bhutan which is located at about 4000 ft above the sea level. The view from the top was amazing. We could get a 360-degree view of the famous mountain Jumolhari which is also famously known as the bride of Kanchenjunga. So, This was our last in Paro. Now we were heading towards Thimphu which is the capital of Thimphu where we will stay overnight.

Bhutan road trip

Bhutan day 7 backpackclan

road trip to bhutan 2018

bhutan tour backpackclan 2017

So, friends, this ends our escapade and we came back to Paro after we visited Thimphu as the airport is located in Paro. This was our expedition and a very memorable one I feel. I got to learn about a different culture and people around us. We are still touring and we will keep you updated with all our future expeditions too. Happy Travelling.