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Rent a Bike in Delhi and visit your favourite places
Rent a Bike in Delhi and visit your favourite places

Rent a Bike in Delhi and visit your favourite places

A road trip on bike is like one of the most blissful experience ever, that you can make in your lifetime and you would want to make it on the bike that has a stunning look with great running conditions. New Delhi is one of the more globally popular Indian cities and has a rich history. Motor biking is one of the most sought after activities because of the thrill and fun associated with it as you ride one and enjoy. So, rent a motorbike to conquer the road and explore the magnificent city of Delhi and all its hustle and bustle. A road trip to unfamiliar places can change or even enhance your perspective towards life and India has one of the best road trip destinations in the world. There are a lot of bike options that you can choose from according to your needs. To rent a bike may be a lot more affordable than buying own just for a short trip and it can save your money that you may need during the trip. You can choose to rent your bike ranging from Harley Davidson to a Kawasaki or even a Hayabusa and they are available at a very reasonable rates. Now a days you can rent a bike from the website directly and there will be no need to go to the place. Websites like Backpackclan.com offers all these kinds of services at very reasonable rates. The rents are charged on per day basis and all drivers need to carry 2 id proofs with one of them being a driving license. So to experience you would need to go out there and start with your road trip on bike. So here is the list of places that must visit on bike.

Manali ( Leh Route) - Manali - Leh highway is located at the highest elevated terrains of India and is one route you must try for its thrilling adventure. Located at more than 15000ft above the sea level, this route is one of the highest motorable roads in the world. You will get to see mountain ranges on both sides of the route where the sight of natural sand and rock formation is going to take your breath away. This route is one hell of a challenging route because you need to go through ice-cold water streams, snowcapped mountains and glacial melts which requires you to be a very much of an experienced driver. Start your adventure from this route by taking a bike on rent which will make this trip more thrilling and adventurous.

manali leh route

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Shimla Manali Route via Mandi – This is again one of the best places to visit on ride. People who are exhausted with daily routine life must plan a bike trip to this place and add some adventure to their hustle and bustle life. They can make their trip at reasonable rates with renting a bike. The scenic beauty of Shimla and Manali is one deadly combination with lush green forests all around, hilly slopes, snowcapped mountains seen in far distance. You will find the sweetest people you have ever met in this route. People are very helpful and welcoming. This route is best if you want to relax and unwind because Manali will be waiting for you with its adventures. This route may not be so challenging but you cannot underestimate it and you got to be cautious while driving.

shimla manali route via mandi

Delhi – Shimla - This route will show you the diversity of India taking you from plains of Delhi to the hilly roads of Shimla. It is one of the most satisfying routes if you are taking a bike on rent because the scenic beauty around this route is really soothing and relaxing. Wouldn’t recommend taking a bus on this route because this is a risky route and these bus drivers are very harsh on the roads. It’s a long route so you can even make a halt in Solan which is an hour away from Shimla. Take this route if you want to get addicted to the adventures of North India because you would consider to come again.

delhi shimla highway

Delhi – Jaipur - Jaipur, famously know as the pink city is one place every Indian must go to, if they want to see the sacred and ancient India and you can start your journey from Delhi if you want to because it is one of the most well-maintained road in India as it is one of the biggest contributor to the Indian tourism. The food you get on this route is so exquisite because of its Rajasthani influence and most of the people are very much welcoming towards any outsider or a tourist. So, don’t be worried about the people there because they are very friendly and helpful and to make your trip more thrilling experience the leisure of this trip on bike and the best thing is that you can rent a bike from Delhi easily at reasonable rates.

delhi jaipur highway

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Delhi -  Agra via Mathura on Yamuna Expressway - This route is a great way to travel to Agra, as this route has the best road in the country. This route is best if you are thinking of travelling to Taj mahal or Agra fort. You can cover this route in less than two hours which spreads at a distance of 165 kms and if one is riding on bike with friends they can have some leisure and most importantly to make this trip more reasonable take a bike on rent from Delhi. You don’t have to see anything because this route is so fast that you won’t even realize it once you reach your destination. So, to experience route for a faster travel experience, this is your gateway.

delhi mathura highway

In the modern current scenario, the explorers are usually switching from four wheelers to two wheelers that means they are opting for bike trips. Bike trips are always full of entertainment whether it’s a chilly cold wheather outside or a rainy season or a thunder storm. Its completely out of the world feeling that drives you away from the negative vibes, clearing your mind, body and soul during your bike trip. If you are exhausted with your life then take a bike on rent and go the road trip. There are so many bike rental services in Delhi and they give the best services. One can get the best bikes on very affordable rates. Lets travel, explore and share the joy of having the bike road trips.