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Things to carry on your next Road Trip To Leh Ladakh
Things to carry on your next Road Trip To Leh Ladakh

Things to carry on your next Road Trip To Leh Ladakh

This article will help you to know about crucial things which you should carry with you for a good motorbike experience to Ladakh

Following are the list of items which you should take with you for good motorbike experience to Ladakh:

OEM Toolkit: If you are thinking of traveling to Ladakh via bike than OEM toolkit is a necessary thing for you as it would help you to solve minor issues in your bike during your journey.

Spare motorcycle key: As humans we have a habit of forgetting things and if somehow you lost your  motor bike  key during your journey  then it will ruin your trip. So, it is advisable to take an extra key with you.

Tubeless Puncture Repair Kit: Traveling Ladakh is never an easy task especially via bike, so we should carry tubeless puncture repair kit with us to prevent hurdles.

Engine oil: For traveling at mountains it is always recommended to take 1 litre of oil for your engine with you.
Rider essentials

Medical kit: There is no fixed time for accidents to occur. So , We recommend you to have your personal medical kit with you.
Other medicines: Everyone should take their medicine recommended by physician for traveling to Ladakh because it is a well known fact that precaution is better than cure.

Sunscreen lotion: Sunscreen lotion will prove out be a good friend for your body in a harsh conditions of Ladakh.

Mustard oil: When you are traveling to place with a harsh climate conditions then mustard oil  looks like a gold because it protect your body from getting dry.

Glucose: This is again an excellent thing for our body as it gives energy to our body and our body will regain strength.  
Chocolates, biscuits and nuts: In a trip like Ladakh one needs digestive food like  dry fruits and chocolates. It gives the essential energy to our body and does not occupies enough space in our luggage.

Other essentials:  You should take your daily need items, for instance, toothpaste, brush, paper soap etc.

Riding Gear Essentials

Full Face Helmet with Clear Visor: For riders it is crucial to take good quality full face helmet with clear visor to protect their head and face from the cold breeze of  Ladakh.

UV sunglasses: You can not let your eyes to fight with harsh conditions of high altitude area so, it is a best thing to pack UV sunglasses at your primary bag.

Gloves: A good quality gloves is essential if you are riding a bike in Ladakh. Gloves made of  leather is preferred by most riders.
Shoes: When you are traveling to mountain area via motorbike than a good quality sports shoes is always recommended.

Clothing Essentials

Jeans/pants: Take your riding pants and 2 denims with you.

Shirts/t-shirts/sweatshirt: Taking at least 2 shirts or t-shirts and 2 sweatshirt is a good option.

Sweater: You can not think of visiting Ladakh without sweater so, take at least 2 sweaters with you.

Cap: Pack your warm cap in your primary bag it will help you to keep your head warm in the upper areas of  Ladakh.

Warm inners: Warm inners are really crucial thing when you are visiting hilly areas.

Underwear/vests: Carry your 5-6 undergarments with you.

Socks: Carry 5-6 pairs of warm socks it will help you to keep your legs warm.

Towels: Carry 2 towels for a bath.

Pyjama: Take your pyjama or night suit with you.

Slippers: You can also take your slippers with you.

Documents and IDs

Driving License: When you are traveling via bike then it is necessary to keep your driving license in your pocket.

Registration Certificate: It is essential to keep original registration papers of your bike with you.

Motorcycle Insurance Papers: In India driving a motorbike without insurance is illegal so, you should carry your valid bike insurance with you. Insurance will also help you to share your loss with insurance company in case of any mishappening.

Secondary ID: You should also take your secondary id like aadhar card with you for identity purposes.

List of important contacts: You should make a list of important contact numbers and keep it in your bag it will help you in case of some unfortunate mishappening.


When you are in place like Ladakh you can not expect luxury like ATMs, swipe machine so, it is recommended to take enough money with you so, that you can remain out of trouble. 

We hope that our list of  crucial things will help you for your Ladakh Trip.
Have a safe and happy journey!