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Types of bikes for travel and their pros and cons
Types Of Bike For Travel And Their Pros and Cons

Types Of Bike For Travel And Their Pros and Cons

The roads of Ladakh can be best tasted through bike trips. Lately, we can see that people from around the world are taking bike trips to this magical land and that too by taking a bike on rent. Be it the barren roads or riding through the highest passes you will never have enough of this place.

The blast of the pure breeze strikes their faces and victorious is how every biker feels, as they trade through the enticing panorama of Ladakh. The Leh Ladakh Bike trips is a standout amongst the most earth-shattering adventures, on each biker’s list of things to do.

Indeed, it’s a dream that only the adventurous type would dare to accomplish. People who did not own an Enfield but had some other motorcycle would either borrow or rent one. But Enfield was pretty much tagged as the only bike that was suitable for Ladakh.

But is it really true? Do you really need an Enfield for Ladakh? Will some other bike do? So, here’s a list of bikes that you can think off to take during your road trip to Ladakh.

  • Hero Impulse:

When it comes to tackling bad and off roads in stock form, nothing quite comes close to Hero Impulse. It has a time-tested and reliable 150cc 4th engine from Honda, which although isn’t very powerful, but has enough power on tap to take you through pretty much all the passes in Ladakh. For the easier availability of spares and service, you can take the bike on rent.

  • Bajaj Pulsar:

Probably the most popular and best-selling motorcycle today in the Indian market. With a pulsar, you can rest assured that you can rely on it and it won’t really ditch you anywhere. Be it a 220CC, 200CC or a 150CC pulsar, you can confidently plan your adventure ride on it. The huge fuel tank makes it ideal for long journeys and you won’t have to worry about it so much. Moreover, it is also a time-tested and reliable motorcycle for your road trip to Ladakh.For the easier availability of spares, you can take the bike on rent.

  • Royal Enfield:

Nothing like it, of course, to take to Ladakh. The big engine, whether 350CC or 500CC gives it an edge over all other motorcycles. The heavier side of the motorcycle makes it easier to tie luggage around. Good suspension and seating position make it comfortable for both the rider and the pillion. Enfield was an acquired taste earlier due to a heavy kick that required decompressing, no electric start, the left side brake system but after all these changes in the new models, it has now become everybody’s motorcycle for a road trip to Ladakh and can easily take the bike on rent.

  • KTM Duke:

KTM 200 and 390 Duke are the most fun Indian bikes you can take to Ladakh. However, thanks to small fuel tanks and thirsty engines, you will have to either carry spare fuel or stick to routes, which have petrol pumps every couple of hundred kilometres. Due to this, even though KTM 390 Duke is a better bike for the money and it will be feasible to take the bike on rent and you can consider this bike for your road trip to Ladakh.

  • Royal Enfield Himalayan:

The newest off-roader motorcycle in Indian market or probably the first and the only one. None the less, this motorcycle is a perfect for riding in Himalayan terrains and it will be reliable to take the bike on rent. The 400CC engine is capable enough for riding in Himalayan terrain. The 400 CC engine is capable enough to carry it through any trail or any ascent. The sitting position is straight and very comfortable, both for the rider and the pillion and there is plenty of space to put all that luggage. Nevertheless, you can easily rent this bike, which will lead to the easier availability of spares and service in Ladakh.

  • CBR 250:

This bike from Honda is indeed a stunner except for its Contigo tires which can be a little tough to handle on Ladakh's terrain in case of a  change in weather. On the bright side, if tyres can be replaced, one can put the bike’s torque and fi technology to great use, and a greater purpose. Moreover, you can easily take the bike on rent for your road trip to Ladakh as it leads to the easier availability of spares and service.

Pros and Cons Of Travelling By Motorcycle:

  • Pros Of Travelling By Motorbike:

  • Exercise:

It’s very important to evaluate your own and your bike’s physical condition before you decide to set out on a long rise, especially to a difficult terrain like Ladakh. One should begin working on the lower back because the ride is rough and bumpy and this will make you physically fit. Moreover, it allows you to discover the lay of the land kilometre by kilometre. Sitting sedentary during the bus journey will not make your heart pumping.

  • Budget:

Travelling with all your own gear can be very cost effective. You can decide your own budget and can ever share the budget with the one you are travelling with. It will become reliable to u if you choose to take the bike on rent.

  • Out of Hours:

You don’t have to feel frustrated by the hoards of the other minibuses that arrive when your day tour get to its destination. On a bike, you can easily get there before or after. Perhaps, you can even wild camp for the night.

  • Off Beaten Track:

It’s fun bumping into other travellers you meet on your journey. It’s even a pleasant surprise when you randomly bump into them again hundreds or thousands of miles down the road.

  • Cons of Travelling By Motorcycle:

  • Extensive Planning Required:

It’s not as easy as throwing some clothes and a toothbrush into a backpack. For a long-term Motorcycle tour, covering the basics of what you need for you as well as your wheels can be an arduous task.

  • Liability:

You are ferrying a lot of expensive gear around so you need to keep your wits about you. There are plenty of opportunists in the world happy to take your nice camera, laptop or bike off your hands if you make it easy for them.

  • Motorcycle Maintenance:

 Like all machines, motorcycles can break down and wear out. If you hear a weird noise coming from the gears you’ll need to know how to fix it. In summary, a fair understanding of bikes before you head off into the sunset is necessary.

  • You Generally Need To Take More Stuff:

It is imperative that you bring Camping gear, kitchenware and bike maintenance in addition to your clothes and toiletries.

Consequently, the exhaustion after a long in the saddle appeals to us but travelling by bicycle is not for everyone. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of knowing that your travel experiences are powered by your own body.