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Reasons to Avoid Leh Ladakh Bike Trip in Rainy Season - Backpackclan
Reasons Why Bike Trip Lovers Avoid To Travel To Leh Ladakh In Rainy Season

Reasons Why Bike Trip Lovers Avoid To Travel To Leh Ladakh In Rainy Season

Introduction - Leh Ladakh Bike Trip in Rainy Season

Undoubtedly Ladakh is one of the beautiful places of our India, but Is it safe to travel to Ladakh on a Bike in rainy season? The answer is a big NO because you can face many problems then be it a health problem or a climate problem. Ladakh comes under trans-Himalayas known as a rain shadow region. What does it mean? It means the rains do not reach up to Ladakh in plenty because the numerous mountains protecting it from winds bearing the rains. But from the past few years, the rains have started falling in Ladakh and not only rains Ladakh also had a flood back then in 2010. So it is indeed dangerous to travel in the rainy season to Ladakh. So here are some reasons why bikers avoid to travel to Leh Ladakh during the rainy season.

Water Crossing

Water crossings are one of the dangerous things to face, so to avoid it bikers usually avoid going to Leh Ladakh during the rainy season. In the rainy season, most rivers flow spate and so does the water crossings on Manali Leh Highway. By using pipes or making bridges on Manali–Leh Highway plenty of the water crossings have been passed. However, few water crossings are still troublesome on Manali Leh Highway, mainly between Jispa – Zingzing Bar – Sarchu. So obviously on a bike, it would be very difficult to cross such furious water crossings so bikers avoid going to Leh Ladakh during the rainy season.

Shooting Stones

The name shooting stones itself defines the threat. The landslides are common there and so does the shooting stones. When driving or riding in Ladakh or even sitting in the car, a shooting stone from the side of the mountains can be expected in the monsoon season. It would be very difficult to face such a stone at Leh Ladakh because it is one very common thing in the monsoon season there. Even a small stone can pierce through the windshield and can harm you. Shooting stones, if faced can be very dangerous to human life. Shooting stones are so vast and big that it can hurt a lot of people at the same time. So to avoid these types of life-threatening shooting stones one prefers not going to Ladakh in Monsoon season.

Monsoon Hassels In Lower Hills

In August month, monsoon is on its peak in general up in North India. At some parts of Manali – Leh Highway like before Baralacha La pass) monsoon hassles can be faced. The Baralacha La mainly marks the boundary of the rain shadow region from Manali side. The landslides or red blocks are quite common in the rainy season at Leh Ladakh. Imagine how dangerous it can be. Mainly the route between Manali to Keylong, around Darcha, sections of Jammu to Srinagar and Sonamarg to Zojila Pass. Even Manali from Delhi is a challenge in the rainy season where many sections of roads are washed away by swollen rivers near the Mandi – Pandoh area.

Driving Can Be A Challenge

There can be slush on the roads especially from Rohtang Pass to Gramphu, some sections towards Keylong, near Darcha on Manali Leh Highway. Similarly, around Zojila Pass on Srinagar Leh Highway, there will be slush. And riding in such bad conditions can be dangerous both for health and can even damage your vehicle. The vehicle could be damaged by the stones which are hidden below in slush. Roads are so badly damaged that it is nearly impossible to drive. Driving in such conditions can cause severe backache and can even lead to other health issues.

Risk Of Getting Stuck

This has started to happen quite often in the last few years. Landslides caused by rain block the traffic completely until help arrives to clear the road. Last year due to a landslide on Manali Leh road near Sarchu travelers waited along the road for more than a day. If you take a risk of going to Leh Ladakh in monsoon season there is a possibility of getting stuck for hours in traffic. You can have a very tough time in this because waiting for such a long time can be irritating and dangerous at the same time. Your trip can turn into a very big problem and you can even regret planning it in monsoon season. There is a high risk of being stranded for several hours altogether just because of depending on the severity of the roadblock ahead.

Harmful For Electronic Gadgets

There is a very high possibility that traveling to Ladakh in the rainy season can be harmful to your gadgets. The rain can make your gadget wet in the first place and because of getting wet your gadget may stop working. The worrying part is not only just limited to either of it getting wet in the rain but also the moisture that poses an even greater risk. And once it happens there would be nothing left other than regret. So to avoid this kind of harm to the gadgets bikers avoid traveling to Ladakh in the rainy season.


Ladakh is a very beautiful place but the best time to travel to Ladakh June to September. In monsoon season this place is not safe. It can cause many problems then be it a health problem or any other problem. So because of all these above factors riders avoid going to Ladakh on a bike in the monsoon season because this trip can be very dangerous for them. Also, their motive of traveling to Ladakh in this season may not be accomplished because of the bad weather out there.