Do's and Don't for Roadtrip to Ladakh

Do’s and Don’t for Roadtrip to Ladakh – BackPackClan

A Roadtrip to Ladakh is a dream for many adventure enthusiasts. This year tick off this from your bucket list and explore the unexplored. Below discussed are some of the DO’s and DONT’s that you should keep in mind before embarking on you Roadtrip to Lakdakh.


1. DO make sure you’re a good driver and comfortable off-roading

On your roadtrip to Ladakh make sure that you take you riding or driving only if you are confident enough with driving in hills. 

2. DO carry medicines and supplies

Being one of the remotest areas in the world medical supplies can be hard to find. Thus, it is recommended to go well equipped and carry a first aid kit and any medicines that you use on daily basis. 

  • Don’t forget to carry tablets for altitude sickness 
  • Try to acclimatise to high altitude gradually. 
  • Try to choose hotels or camps that have oxygen supplies, should you need them. 

3. DO carry toilet paper – public toilets are a rarity (and grubby!)

Do not forget to carry toilet paper rolls and sanitizer as you are going to need it. You will find public toilets easily till Jammu Kasmir but after that no option but to err commune with nature.   

4. DO make lots of unsolicited stops along the way

The place is definitely going to leave you gobsmacked with its azure skies, glaciers, gushing rivers, and rainbows. Roadtrip is Ladakh is definitely one of the most scenic in the world that offers incredible panoramas at every corner. 

5. DO make sure your paperwork is in order

Ladakh happens to be close to the borders with neighbouring countries which is why the region has a big army presence in the area. If you are a foreign national along with Visa for India, you will need special permits to visit certain parts of Ladakh.Also, if you are driving a rental vehicle, make sure that you have all the documents for the car handy. 


1. DO NOT depend on Mobile Connectivity or expect good internet

Mobile connectivity is extremely limited in Ladakh. Only postpaid Airtel and BSNL connections work in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. However once you cross Sonmarg on your road trip to Ladakh, you will only get connectivity only in a few major towns. Also,after the town of Kargil, connectivity is extremely sparse.

2. DO NOT follow your GPS blindly

We all love to follow our maps, but undoubtedly it is not a godd idea to follow maps when in Ladakh. Your GPS is going to take you through shortest route but there is a high chance of roads on this route being in extremely bad shape.Take a look at the three things that you should do in order to avoid any such mistakes on your road trip to Ladakh: 

  1. It is advisable to read up a bit about the route in advance and make sure that you are updated about the condition of roads in a particular area.
  2. Try to stay on the highway as much as possible, even if your GPS suggests otherwise.
  3. It is best to always ask locals – people  in India are friendly and will go out of their way to help and guide you.

3. DO NOT forget your sunscreen

Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen on your roadtrip to Ladakh as Ladakh’s sun is sun is searing even when the weather is chilly. 

This is pretty much everything you need to know about planning a road trip to Ladakh. Don’t litter plastic bottles and other such, travel responsibly in this remote area, and have fun enjoying gorgeous panoramas.


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