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How to Choose a Tour Operator?

You know you want to go on a trip and cherish all the moments with your loved ones. You also want to visit all the places of your choice without taking any pressure on pre-bookings because you are on holiday and you want to be stress-free. What comes to your rescue in this situation? Right, a good tour operator.

Choosing a good and reliable tour operator can be a grueling experience for anyone who has not done it previously. One should have a clear picture in mind regarding what sort of trip you want to go, depending on that proper planning is done. Planning a trip with the help of a tour operator is highly recommendable as you might get the most out of your vacation.

When you have to avail the opportunity to enjoy every single bit of your time from your busy schedules delegating all the travel planning to someone else and just enjoying your vacations either with your friends, family or even solo gives you a relaxing feeling.

Best tips for choosing a tour operator

Experience and License to operate

Most of the experienced tour operators have vast experience and they are well versed with the preferences of different age groups. Along with experience, you want a tour operator who is licensed in the area you live in. Though it is a bit difficult task in case of an online travel agency, you can find about the legal status of the company by checking if they accept major credit cards and if they send you a confirmation receipt of your booking on mail.


Checking out the ratings of different tour operators is also very important before coming up with one.

Internet Research on tour operators in your country

Make sure you have done thorough internet research on the tour operators matching your tour type in your country.

Credibility and Reliability Check

You can do a credibility and reliability check of the operator by going through their Facebook page and analyzing if there are recommendations and positive feedback from customers.

Easily Accessible

Always make sure that your tour operator is easily accessible when required.

Arranging all the aspects of a tour

A good tour operator should be capable enough to arrange all the aspects of a tour like transfers, food and accommodation, tour guide and transport.

Get recommendations from people you know

Word of mouth is also a good factor in deciding about a good tour operator. Get recommendations from people you know if they have traveled earlier on tours with tour operators.


Exploring the website of the tour operator is humongously important as you can see there if the types of tours you are interested in are offered there or not. At times there are some agencies that deal with certain types of tours only. Never forget to have a look at the “About Us” page of the website as there you will get to know about how many years experience does the agency has, also if the company has branches and representatives in other countries. All this information clubbed together gives you a better insight into how professional the company is.


Make sure that you’ve read the reviews about various tour operators before coming up with a conclusion. Reviews will definitely be a mix of both positive and negative for all the tour operators because nobody is a hundred percent perfect, so it depends on your priority list which tour operator suits you the best.

Decide on the type of holiday you want

You should have a clear picture in your mind regarding what type of holiday you want i.e adventurous, religious, leisure, sightseeing, etc. depending on that you will be able to choose wisely among thousands of tour operators present out there.

Package Deals

Examine your travel brochures very carefully so that you are aware of all the minute details in between the lines. Always make sure that the accommodation provided to you is located in safe premises and you can have access to all the amenities there. On the off chance that you are paying a steep cost for your visit, you additionally expect that no less than two suppers every day are a piece of the arrangement. In addition to food and lodging, you need a tour operator who will give you the decision of signing up for additional side outings or excursions. A good tour administrator offers a sufficient number of touring and sightseeing trips, yet can offer optional trips also.

Tour Guide

A tour guide is tremendously important as he/she does not only have to make sure that logistics are carried out properly but they also have to be kept well equipped about the geography, history, and culture of the place you are planning to visit.


Always ensure from your tour operator that you are aware of all the hidden costs and basic costs beforehand. If there is any free time on the trip for shopping or for doing some activities so you’ll need to arrange money accordingly.

Included Activities

Planning out places to visit and things to do on a trip is a bit difficult task, so you need to have a clear picture in your mind as to you want everything planned and you will just show up there at the appointed time or you prefer making independent choices with someone around to help you with that.

Meals and Hotels

Ensure this thing always that your tour operator is taking care of your basic amenities very well.

Medically Trained

If you feel the need for any sort of medical assistance on your trip, feel free to ask about it from your tour operator whether they will be providing you with a team for medical assistance or not.

First aid qualified tour captain’s/operators

Tour captain’s traveling on tour should be first aid qualified because the terrain which we are going for is very risky and a first aid tour captain would help us in extreme situations.

Are all the places you want to visit available on your itinerary?

You have to always keep this thing at the top of your mind if all the places you’re intending to visit are present in your itinerary or not. If no, then you should feel free to contact your tour operator for further assistance and most of them these days are offering customized tour options, so you can also have access to that.

Time for independent exploring or flexibility in tour schedules

At times you feel the need to explore some part of the place where you are visiting on your own in your free time so enquire this thing beforehand from your tour operator if they will give you time for independent exploring or not.

These two points are to be kept in my mind only when you are traveling with a group.

Group Size

It is of major concern for people who want to interact with more people and mix up with them, so they would generally prefer an intimate group.

Group Demographics

It basically focuses on whether you want everyone in the group of your age range and nationality or you feel free to gel up with people of different ages and backgrounds.

A good tour operator is certainly hard to find in this present era so we hope that all these tips prove out to be of great use for you in choosing the right tour operator for your trip, be it a solo trip, a family trip or a trip with your friends.



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