Important Things to carry for Kedarkantha Trek

Are you on the lookout for a winter trek in the snow? The Great Himalayas welcome you to the beautiful and most popular Kedarkantha trek. The place is emerging as a popular trekking destination in India amongst adrenaline seekers. But before embarking on Kedarkantha Trek, it is important that you keep the below-mentioned things in handy with you at all times on your Kedarkantha Trek to avoid any problems further.

Important Things to carry for Kedarkantha Trek

1) Don’t forget to pack your woollen clothes like sweaters, thermals, pairs of gloves, caps, socks, mufflers. Make sure that you pack heavy and complete 3 to 5 layers of clothing as the weather might get unpredictable. You can consider packing light woollen if you are travelling during summer.  

2) Next what all things you need to carry are :

  • Windproof jacket
  • Hiking shoes, Snow boots, sandals, or slippers
  • Walking stick or a trekking pole

3) Don’t forget to carry accessories like sunglasses with UV protection, sunscreen lotions, lip balm, headlamp, torch with extra batteries.

4) Next in order is the toiletries that include: Sanitizer, tissues, liquid soaps, paste, and toothbrush

5) Followed by that make sure that you do not forget to carry your Medicines: Ensure that you have a medicine for:

Altitude Sickness, essential medicines for headache, stomach upset, and regular medication if you are taking any, band-aids, volini spray, and check with the doctor if you need any more. 

6) Don’t forget to carry your phone chargers or power bank

7) Also, ensure that you have your raincoat, extra shirts/t-shirts, and trekking pants packed with you. If you happen to travel during monsoons then please do not forget to carry a raincoat, an umbrella, and an extra pair of clothes.

8)Besides this it is mandatory to carry an identity card and photocopies.

9) You can also carry a Water Bottle or insulated water bottle, woollen fleece jackets, few poly bags to keep any wet clothes. Also, some energy bars, biscuits, chocolates, dry fruits to munch, and ORS or Glucose to avoid any energy drainage.

10) Also, a camera with extra memory cards, batteries, chargers.

The above discussed is the key to a delightful Kedarkantha trek that is surely going to win your heart while making sure that your journey to the Kedarkantha trek is a safe one.

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