Important Things You Should Carry for Chadar Trekking

Chadar Trek is one of the well-known treks among trekking enthusiasts. The popular trek offers a chance to enjoy trekking on the frozen river and gives an opportunity to explore different cultures, meet new people, and discover yourself. The best time to take this trek are January and February.

During these months(January and February) the Zanskar River freezes in a thick blanket of snow due to the extreme weather conditions. Many people make the mistake of over-packing for chadar trekking. They see this only when they are panting while carrying their heavy backpack on the road. Hence, it is important to ensure that you pack light and smart. Below discussed are some trekking essentials that you must carry while you are planning for Chadar Trekking.

1. Footwear essentials

In Chadar Trek, Shoes are the most important commodity to carry. Ensure that you have your well-fitted trekking shoes, gumboots which are waterproof on the inside and insulated on the outside. Also, carry extra floats of cotton and wool socks.

2. Warmers

The strategy of staying safe from the frigid cold on the Chadar Trek is that you must be in multi-layers of clothing that hold air between the layers. You must carry your Woolen Gloves and Synthetic Waterproof gloves, Woolen Cap that covers the ears, Woolen Socks for the night, Woolen stole or balaclava to wrap around the neck.

3. Clothing essentials

Don’t forget to carry your comfortable and necessary attires while trekking i.e trekking pants and t-shirts, fleece tees and jacket that are windproof and waterproof, padded jacket, Poncho, and Thermal Inners.

4. Trek equipment

You must carry your trekking equipment such as UV protection sunglasses, head torch, day pack, sleeping bag, and a well-fitted 6L-9L rucksack bag that will be enough for the Chadar Trek.

5. Medical kit

While trekking you must carry your medicines that are prescribed by your doctor or supplements which are required in routine. You should have a small pocket of essential medicines for Motion Sickness, Antacids, Diarrhea, Pain killers, Fever, Allergies if any, Knee and back support, Antifungal powder, Bandages, energy drink powder, instant pain relief spray, bandages, and ointment for shoe bites, etc in your bag.

To sum up, if you are planning for a chadar trek you must take along the requisite articles mentioned above for a comfortable and pleasant tour.

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