Offbeat Places In Spiti Valley

Offbeat Places in Spiti Valley

Spiti is a beautiful cold desert area in Himachal Pradesh. Spiti valley is so mesmerizing and it has clear skies that you can even spot the Milky Way with naked eyes. This place will touch your heart and soul and Spiti is worth being on your wishlist. Here are some offbeat places in Spiti that you must visit for unique experiences in Spiti.

Offbeat Destinations in Spiti Valley

  • Sopona Lake
    Sopona is a seasonal lake that is formed by glacial melts and the walk to this lake is amazing. You can also get a chance to spot some snow leopards around the lake. The best time to visit Sopona Lake is in the summers.
  • Dhangkar Lake
    Dhangkar, also known as Dhankar Lake is a feast to the eyes and is a perfect place to rejuvenate your soul and mind. It is a fish-shaped lake which is situated right above the Dhangakar Monastery.
  • Langza Village
    Langza Village is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages in Spiti and is also known as one of the most fossil-rich areas in the world. You will also find a huge statue of Buddha overlooking the valley.
  • Kanamo Peak
    Kanamo Peak is one of the few trekkable peaks but that doesn’t mean it is easy as this trek tests your endurance. It is worth reaching Kanamo Peak as from the summit, you can get a 360-degree view of Ladakh, Spiti, Kullu, and Kinnaur side peaks.
  • Kibber Village
    Kibber is known as one of the highest motorable villages in the world. Kibber can be easily reached by road from Kaza. It is a preferred camping destination during summers and is also home to the Kibber wildlife sanctuary.
  • Demul
    Demul is a perfect spot to soak yourself in serenity. It has a fantastic homestay management system and off-roading opportunities. The natural beauty of this place is its prime attraction.

The road trip to Spiti Valley is both breathtaking and magnificent. While Spiti has many tourist spots, it has many offbeat destinations as well and if you want to experience Spiti in its truest form, you must visit the above places.

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