Plan Leh Ladakh Family Trip

Is it safe to travel to Leh Ladakh with Family?

Gone are the days when Ladakh was considered a place for motorcycle enthusiasts. Tourism is drastically increasing in Leh Ladakh and people have started to visit this place with their families and even their children around 4 to 5 years of age. It is absolutely safe if you are going for a Leh Ladakh family trip but you must keep the following things in mind and prepare accordingly.

Plan Leh Ladakh Family Trip

  • Travel to Leh Ladakh with a Toddler
    Suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) is very common when you travel to Leh Ladakh for the first time. If your child is of a few years of age, he might be able to tell you that he is not feeling well but with a toddler or an infant, it is very difficult to identify the signs of AMS.Leh Ladakh should never be your first trip with your baby and it is recommended to wait until your child is at least 3-4 years old.
  • Leh Ladakh with Kids
    Traveling to a high-altitude place like Leh Ladakh can make your kid feel tired and dehydrated. Ensure that they are consuming a good quantity of water or juice but do not over-hydrate. At high altitude, it takes time to digest the food so do not force your kid to eat if he or she is not hungry.
  • Pack Well
    Traveling to Leh Ladakh means traveling through a remote region where things like milk, diapers, or the food your kid can eat might not be available at all times. So it becomes very important to pack carefully. For adults, it is always recommended to travel light but if you are with your children you should carry all the possible things you think might help.
  • Plan your itinerary
    Plan your Leh Ladakh itinerary well and take your journey slow when you are traveling with your kid. It is advised to keep 2 to 3 days extra so that the child can get proper rest and ample time to adjust to high altitude.
  • Medicines & Health
    If your baby has an ailment related to the heart or lungs, it is strictly advised not to take them to Leh Ladakh. Consult a doctor before embarking on your journey and carry all the recommended medicines. Don’t forget to carry the reports if there is any medical history involved.

Leh Ladakh tourism has emerged a lot and many families have started to visit this adventurous place. If you are a fit and active family, it is definitely safe to travel to Leh Ladakh. Just keep the above-mentioned things in mind and get ready to experience the spectacular beauty around you.

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