Reasons to take Har ki Dun Trek

Top 4 Reasons to take Har Ki Dun Trek – BackPackClan

Har ki Dun Trek is not recommended for beginners as the trek is bound to give the right amount of experience of high altitude treks along with taking in a lot of preparation and fitness. Without any doubts, he views is to die for, but it is important to know if your body has the stamina to take in those innumerable ascents and descents. Below we will be discussing the top 4 reasons to take Har ki Dun Trek apart from mythological reasons.

Top 4 Reasons to take Har Ki Dun Trek 

1. Cosy home stays in Sankri and Osla

The village Sankri has constructed a wooden attic that opens to a breathtaking view of mountains with low ceiling wooden bedrooms that help regulate the temperature. The homestays feature warm hospitality where you get to taste freshly cooked local cuisine called ‘Mandua’ on demand.

2. Satellite phone at village Osla

The village Osla is so remote that when you have a first glance it is hard to believe that this village has a satellite phone. The region is so secluded that it does not have any medical shop, phone signals, and not even electricity. Even the solar lights were installed in early 2018 here in Osla. Knowing this is very crucial as this will help trekkers better understand what are the options available to establish a connection with the base.

3. Rock climbing at Har Ki Dun

Rock Climbing in itself is an adventurous activity and doing it at an altitude of 11200 feet amidst the Har Ki Dun Valley is definitely going to be an incredible experience.

4. Valley of Flowers at Har Ki Dun Valley

Har Ki Dun Valley is definitely going to surprise you with its mesmerizing beauty. From majestic mountains to gushing waterfalls, dense forests to the beautiful Valley of Flowers Har ki Dun has a lot to offer.


Above discussed are the top 4 reasons why you should take up Har Ki Dun Trek this year with Backpackclan and make a lifetime of memories that you can cherish forever. If you are interested in the har ki dun trek, you can take the har ki dun trek from backpackclan at affordable prices.

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