Top Reasons to take Chadar Trek this Winters

Top Reasons to take Chadar Trek this Winters

Chadar Trek is one of its kind winter trek. It’s an entirely different experience to walk over the frozen glass-like river and trek the stunning mountains in Ladakh. Located at an altitude of 11,150 ft, it feels like you are trekking on the North Pole. A trip to Chadar Trek is enough to know about the Zanskari culture as the locals welcome you with their warm hospitality.

Before embarking on this trek, it is recommended that participants undergo a medical examination to ensure that they are fit enough to go on an expedition like this. The best time for the Chadar trek is from mid-January to mid-February as this is when you can witness the freezing Zanskar River’s waterfall known as Nerak Waterfall. Have a look at the top reasons why it is evident to take Chadar Trek this winter. 

  1. Unique Trekking Experience

The Chadar trek is unique because it takes place on the surface of a frozen river in comparison to other treks that go over hills and mountains, passes, caves, up old forts or down into valleys. It is done on the frozen Zanskar river where the ice is thick enough for you to walk over it and where the guides believe the ice is too thin, you’ll be walking on the frozen river banks. By evenings, you’ll be stopping and setting up camps, enjoying the peace of the river, and the starry skies above. You can also have some singing sessions along with hot meals to make the cold night merry.

  1. Never seen before sights

With winter setting in you can see beautiful changes in the landscape of Ladakh. This high-altitude desert offers the most spectacular views, especially in the river valley. You will get to see mountain goats navigating the steep slopes of the river valley, but yes there’s very little other wildlife. The trees around are bare of leaves, and their weather-blackened limbs stand out in stark contrast to the white landscape all around. 

  1. Most challenging conditions but it’ll still be fun

The Chadar trek takes place in the coldest months of the winter when the temperatures are well below zero during the day and can go as low as -25 degrees Celsius at night. So don’t forget to carry your gear to help you stay warm. 

The Chadar trek takes place at just over 11,000 feet, and every itinerary includes a medical check-up and a couple of days in Leh to make sure you’re acclimatized. However, you’ll feel the effects of the altitude on your breathing. Nevertheless, this will be one of the most epic journeys you’ll ever undertake, and you’ll never really forget what it felt like to be out on the frozen river. 

  1. An experience of a whole new world

The Chadar trek indeed takes you out of your comfort zone. A world far away from civilization, where you’ll be cold most of the time. You’ll also get to gain a new understanding of what life is like away from the cities and learn a lot about the Ladakhi people and their challenges. 

  1. You’ll win ultimate bragging rights!

The Chadar trek is definitely not a difficult one as it has no steep slopes, and no technical training required but that does not mean that you take it lightly. The weather and altitude of the place make it challenging, and the harsh conditions can be life-threatening if you don’t listen to your guide. Do remember that there is a swift and frigid river swirling under your feet at all times. But this is what makes it so unique. Not everyone dares to take on the challenge of the Chadar.

Now that you know why you should take the Chadar trek, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get on the most adventure-packed trek of the season that will not only give you an adrenaline rush but you will feel stronger and more confident than ever before.