Trekking Tours

India is a vast country with great diversity in terms of topography, climate, religion, etc. The lofty mountains, restless rivers, narrow mountain passes and picture-perfect scenes in northern parts of India enhance its beauty. A journey across these terrains reveals the vastness and pristine beauty of nature.

Trekking tours in India have gained importance over the years due to an increase in the number of adventure lovers. When it comes to Trekking trails, one has to mull over the picking up of destination. Ladakh has always been the most preferred destination when it comes to Trekking in India. Ladakh Treks present the most challenging as well as invigorating experiences. It is the home of some of the best trekking spots with an interesting mix of rugged terrain and gushing rivers. Some of the popular treks in Ladakh are Caravan Yak Trek, Frozen River Trek, Skot Kangri Trek, Ladakh Ancient Monasteries Trek, etc.

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