Trip to Leh Ladakh with family in December

Gone are those days when only summers were considered the best time to visit Ladakh. Now Ladakh is open for tourism throughout the year. So, you can plan your trip to Leh Ladakh accordingly in December and explore the beauty of this heavenly city. You will have to plan your trip meticulously in order to enjoy each and every bit of your visit to Ladakh. Before embarking on your journey, you just need to take care of a few conditions and ascertain to abide by them for a smooth yet unforgettable experience of your outing to Ladakh with family during the winter months.

Plan Trip to Leh Ladakh in December

  1. At first, be ready for the harsh weather conditions with extreme freezing temperatures that will be welcoming you on board.
  2. The only means of transport by which you can reach Leh is by air during winters. The two roads i.e the Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh Highway are closed for vehicular traffic and remain so throughout the winter, hence you can’t think of a bike trip to Leh Ladakh during this time of the year. Enjoy sightseeing the spectacular and magical beauty of the Himalayas under the blue skies.
  3. Internal roads in Ladakh remain operational throughout the season like the ones leading to Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, and Tso Moriri. There might be a temporary roadblock because of snowfall, but that gets cleared off as soon as possible by the Army. Moreover, you will require an Inner Line Permit from DM Office Leh if you want to visit beyond Leh City.
  4. The city of Leh is very well connected to the local areas of Ladakh and hence local sightseeing is not an issue when traveling to Leh Ladakh with family in December or winter months.
  5. Mobile Phone Connectivity is available only in Leh and won’t be available anywhere if you travel beyond Leh. Most importantly only postpaid connections work in Leh also. So, if you happen to own a prepaid connection, then now you know, it won’t work there. BSNL / MTNL postpaid connections have the widest connectivity here and might even work even at Nubra Valley and Pangong Tso. Don’t expect superlative reception and data connectivity.
  6. It is a tough task to find hotel and accommodation options in Leh because usually, all the hotels start to pack up with the advent of October i.e the winter months. Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso, or Tso Moriri is the best option to plan your stay. December is really not a month when tourists visit this place, so it will be great if you plan your stay well in advance and keep your hosts well informed about your arrival dates so that they can properly and required arrangements before your arrival.
  7. One of the most important and helpful things is that your itinerary should be very simple and by that we mean you can go to Nubra, Pangong, and Tso Moriri and then on your way backṣ. Because places like the Chushul route, Marsimik La, Horla, and Charchagan La won’t even grant you permits to travel because of the extremely cold weather conditions inhabiting the place during that time of the season.
  8. Now, that you’ve made up your mind to travel to Leh Ladakh in December, just make sure you carry proper clothes that keep you warm enough throughout your journey. Carry good thermals, woolens, and a windproof jacket. Also, carry good quality socks, woolen gloves, and a cap or a muffler.
  9. Also, keep buffer days in your itinerary, because it is safe to assume that it might snow at such high altitudes.

Travelling to Ladakh in December will certainly give you an opportunity to witness plenty of snow all around, almost no tourists and of course better treatment, as during that time the tourists are sparse and hence the locals give you more attention and entertain you to the best of their abilities. So, if you are planning to visit Leh Ladakh in December, just make sure you adhere to all the above-mentioned things for a smooth and wonderful experience.

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