Bike Trips in India

Taking bike trips in India is indeed the best way to explore the land of rich cultural diversity and adventurous places. With hills, plateaus, deserts, forests and all kinds of terrains to ride through, bike trips in India will have you experience some of the most unmatched explorations of the country. Taking Bike Trips in India gives you an opportunity to get as close to nature as possible and explore all the nooks and corners of the place you visit.  

While there will be few routes that will offer you the most jaw-dropping views, there will be some that will surely take your breath away and some might have you captivated by their culture with different varieties of food and traditional art forms. 

From the snow-capped Himalayan Mountains to rich lush greenery in Kerala, the sandy deserts of Rajasthan and the coastal route to Pondicherry, India is a country that features all kinds of terrains covered for every kind of rider wishing to take a bike trip in India. A lot of factors come into account when considering to plan a bike trip in India such as the best season to travel, the distance to be covered and how many days and what to be prepared with for the journey. To make sure that you always make the right choices that are most fit for you, we have compiled a list of Bike Trips in India that you could consider taking. 

Best Time to Go for Bike Trips in India

One of the most important things while planning bike trips in India is to know the best time for undertaking that specific bike trip in India. This is decided by taking a lot of factors into consideration such as the route you want to follow, being the primary one. If you are planning to take a bike trip in India to Ladakh or Spiti Valley then the summer season is perfect as the weather will be pleasant and you will not encounter loads of snow whereas, on the other hand, the winter months are ideal for the West Coast tour due to cool weather and less humidity during those months at these places.

If you are amongst those adventure seekers, who have carved out of wanderlust then Backpackclan’s bike trips in India are for you. Our expeditions include various adventure activities and sports such as paragliding, river rafting, zip line, trekking, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your hot wheels and get ready to ride on and revel in the best time of your lives while making memories that will last forever on your bike trip in India.