Bike Tours to Spiti Valley

Spiti known as the ‘Virgin Paradise’ is a middle land between the lush green valleys and cold mountain desserts of the Himalayan Region. The place is a must-visit for all those seeking an adrenaline rush and would leave anyone in awe who gets to witness its beauty as it offers picturesque views of valleys and landscapes. 

The best time to explore this Gem of Nature is from June to September when the glacial lakes are all set to welcome the tourists in all their glory with immensely beautiful flora and fauna that will surely excite any nature lover. Take the Spiti Valley bike tour.  One of the most unexplored and offbeat places in the Himalayas and get that adrenaline pumping. Once you step into the place you will see that this place is no less than magic and indeed is a treat to sore eyes as you get to witness the changing colors of landscapes from green to brown while on your way to Spiti. One might come to a realization that there couldn’t be anything more beautiful than this miraculous and spell-binding place on earth located in the Himalayas that has a very rich Buddhist-Tibetan culture that resides in the jagged villages of Spiti. 

If you are a mountain person and seem to have an eternal love for mountains then Spiti Valley is the place for you. If you are on the lookout for the best Spiti Valley bike tour package then look no further as Backpackclan offers you a well-planned and cheapest Spiti Valley bike tour. Don’t miss the chance to witness the pristine and everlasting beauty of Spiti Valley. Bike tours to Spiti Valley are a perfect blend of beauty and adventure. So hop on your bikes and get ready to take back home some unforgettable memories from Spiti  that will last a lifetime.