So let us acquaint you with all the unrevealed loci that adorn Ladakh. Soul Search with Vipassana For all those in search of peace and tranquillity meditate at one of the Vipassana Camps in the lap of nature. Cut yourself from the enraging mess around and dive inside yourself in calmness. You could be a part of the Meditation Tour, or enlist yourself in one of the committed Vipassana grounds for a restoring knowledge. Dhamma Laddha Vipassana Meditation Centre, Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre and several other Vipassana Centres around Ladakh offer courses that vary from 3 to 10 days. Experience a Day in the Life of Lamas The embodiment of Ladakh lies in its picturesque views and monasteries. When in Ladakh it is a must that you stay at a monastery and attend their morning prayer sessions and also interact with the monks there. While there are various monasteries in the valley, you can hold up yourself at the Lamayuru, Thiksey or Hemis Monastery for a night. These are the absolute greatest monasteries in Ladakh and have proper arrangements for accommodating visitors. Experience the lives of llamas, pursue their trained everyday routine, get roused by their very affable air and open yourself to a lifestyle you've never known. These monasteries offer you a one of a kind experience, which can leave an everlasting effect on your whole identity and way of life ahead. Relax and experience the calmness at Chumathang Hot Springs Relax and calm your mind, body and soul in these sulphur hot springs at Chumathang Village. These hot springs help in relieving altitude sickness and act as a saviour if you've been travelling all this while in a taxi. Watch Exotic Birds at the Tso Moriri Don’t forget to grab your binoculars when you go bird watching in the Changthang Region. Here you can find a varied variety of avian species to gaze upon. Some up them that you might spot include Bar-Headed Goose, Red Crested Pochard, Crested Grebe and Brahmini Duck. The views at this place are simply beautiful and you would definitely not want to leave the place and would ask more. Visit the Turtuk Village Turtuk Village is 160 km from Leh and is a low altitude village at 3000 mt above sea level. The population there mainly comprises of Balti tribals. The cultural richness unspoilt by commercial tourism makes it absolutely delightful to visit this place. Fields full of the wheat crop, an aromatic fragrance of apricots in the air and the musical hints of river water offer a truly heartfelt treat to the senses. Camp at Uletokpo For those of you who want to stay away from the city and want to explore nearby places and have a tryst with nature, take readily available cottages and wake up to the snow-clad mighty mountains with a sound of rushing river water. It is 60 km from Leh city and tourists usually stay here for acclimatization sessions for higher altitude. Have local Butter tea and local brew Chang You may have had chai around all the corners of the nation, yet when in Ladakh you need to sip on the nearby Butter tea and on the off chance that you are in for a decent time, at that point have Chang, the local blend of the place. For tea lovers, this is an absolute necessity thing to taste while in Ladakh. Now, whenever you plan your trip to Leh-Ladakh, make it a point to cover at least a few of the above-mentioned offbeat and exciting things to do in Ladakh. If at all it is possible, try planning out your trip during festivals time in Ladakh so that you get to experience a lot more than expected from this beautiful paradise on Earth.

7 Offbeat Things to do in Ladakh

Whenever thought about Ladakh comes up in our mind a chill definitely runs down our spine. Ladakh – Heaven on Earth, with its exceptionally outstanding and mesmerizing beauty, intrigues us to escape and explore it. Over the years Ladakh has emerged out to be one of the most beautiful destinations in India for people to

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Hidden places of the Himalayas for Bikers

If you are someone who just cannot bear the sight of tourists flocking to popular tourist destinations and always prefer off-beaten destinations then this list of hidden gems of the Himalayas for bikers will not disappoint you. These places are in their natural beauty and stillness and solitude that will calm your mind and soul.

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