Reasons to take Har ki Dun Trek

Top 4 Reasons to take Har Ki Dun Trek – BackPackClan

Har ki Dun Trek is not recommended for beginners as the trek is bound to give the right amount of experience of high altitude treks along with taking in a lot of preparation and fitness. Without any doubts, he views is to die for, but it is important to know if your body has the

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Top 8 Reasons why Leh Ladakh bike trip should be on your travel buckelist in 2022

Leh Ladakh bike trip is on the top of the bucket list of many thrill seekers. If you too are one amongst those then, this year you have to tick this off your list and take an fun filled and adventure packed tour with us at backpackclan. Take a look at the top reasons why

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Top 10 things to do in Ladakh

Ladakh is popular for its unique culture and jaw-dropping landscapes. The snow-capped high peaks, cold deserts, and gigantic glaciers define the topography of the region and besides this, there are some beautiful lakes & rivers that captivate the visitors and offer a number of opportunities for rafting. Besides mesmerizing sightseeing views, Ladakh offers numerous tourist

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Important Things to carry for Kedarkantha Trek

Are you on the lookout for a winter trek in the snow? The Great Himalayas welcome you to the beautiful and most popular Kedarkantha trek. The place is emerging as a popular trekking destination in India amongst adrenaline seekers. But before embarking on Kedarkantha Trek, it is important that you keep the below-mentioned things in

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Important Things You Should Carry for Chadar Trekking

Chadar Trek is one of the well-known treks among trekking enthusiasts. The popular trek offers a chance to enjoy trekking on the frozen river and gives an opportunity to explore different cultures, meet new people, and discover yourself. The best time to take this trek are January and February. During these months(January and February) the

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