essentials to carry for bike trip to ladakh

Essentials to Carry for Bike Trip to Ladakh

No doubt, Ladakh is the most beautiful place if we talk about hills in India. Snow-clad mountains, dangerous routes, roaring bike engines, rugged landscapes enhance the beauty of Ladakh. The one who loves to ride will surely enjoy this bike trip to Ladakh. The trip will be full of adventures as riding bikes at hills will be altogether a different experience. You should ride to Ladakh between the months of June to September as the chances of landslides would be less. So here are some tips to be taken care of before riding to Ladakh.

Tips for Bike Trip to Ladakh

  • Eligibility Criteria
    Eligibility Criteria
    Here are some eligibility criteria that one should keep in mind before planning a bike trip to Ladakh.

    • You must have a valid driving license and must be above 25 years of age.
    • You must carry original as well as photocopies of the following documents:
      • Driving license
      • Government-issued photo ID proof
      • Address proof
    • International Driving Permit (IDP) along with their passports must be carried by International Tourists.
  • What To Carry
    What To Carry
    Keep in mind the below-mentioned things while packing your stuff:

      • A Solid Helmet
      • Driving license
      • Valid photo, identity proofs
      • Riding goggles to guard your eyes and for clear vision
      • Carry a first-aid kit and a toolkit for the bike
      • Carry a physical map for clear direction
      • One or more leather jackets
  • Service your bike before leaving
    Service your bike before leaving

    It is very important to get your motorbike serviced for a smooth journey before leaving, carry a toolkit and you must know how to fix punchers if any such situation arises. As safety comes first you must keep everything fixed before heading towards any destination and do make sure that your vehicle’s condition is up to date.
  • Avoid Smoking And Drinking Alcohol
    Avoid Smoking And Drinking Alcohol
    Consumption of any sort of alcohol, cigarettes, or even chewing tobacco at higher altitudes may cause respiratory problems or can even cause difficulty in breathing. As the level of oxygen is already less, consuming this stuff will lead you to AMS(acute mountain disease) symptoms or may cause Altitude Sickness.
  • Carry Extra Jars Of Fuel
    Carry Extra Jars Of Fuel

    Petrol is the most important thing for bike tours and there are few petrol pumps in the region. Always make sure that your motorbike tank is full. As it is a very long journey, so whenever you are about to ride, make sure your fuel tank is always full. Also, carry extra jars of fuel with you.
  • Get Your Route Mapped
    Get Your Route Mapped
    You must carry a physical map for safety, as internet connectivity is the main concern in hilly areas, so you might face problems while loading maps on the phone. The trip to Ladakh is a long journey and it is very difficult for the whole group to ride together, so all of them must carry a physical map to know which route the group is heading towards.
  • Carry Food Supplies
    Carry Food Supplies
    While riding to Ladakh, you should never rely on the street vendors during your journey as they do not provide good quality food. Keep essential food supplies in the front pocket of your bag so that you can get that easily when you’re hungry. Carry food items such as small packets of chips, sealed bottles or cans of juices, biscuits, glucose, easy-to-make noodles or oats, and protein chocolate bars for energy.
  • Halts are important
    Halts are important
    You must take intervals and halts to successfully complete your journey. Take proper halts for at least 30 minutes and don’t drive when you’re exerted or tired. Don’t over-exert or indulge in any physical activity, which gives you unnecessary fatigue. Halts are very important to relax your body as well as your mind.
  • Stay Hydrated
    Stay Hydrated

    Water is the main component of our survival, you must drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated before going on a trip where the level of oxygen is very low. If you want to avoid the hassle of finding places to buy the water bottle from, carry a big reusable water bottle in your backpack. Try to carry Lightweight, leak-proof, filtered water bottles.
  • Carry Cash
    Carry Cash

    You must carry enough cash as ATMs are less in number in the region. and you can’t depend on your cards since there are places where you might not find access to ATMs easily and cards might not be acceptable at all small shops and street vendors.
  • Sleeping Should Be Avoided At Higher Altitudes
    Sleeping Should Be Avoided At Higher Altitudes

    One should definitely avoid sleeping at higher altitude as oxygen level decreases in the air which deteriorates the functioning of your brain cells and your heart which may cause respiratory problems and heart patients should avoid going at higher altitude. It is suggested that after spending time till evening at a higher altitude or on hills, one should move down to a lower altitude in the evening.

No doubt, Ladakh is the best way to connect with nature and yourselves. Follow the above-given tips for bike riding in Ladakh. Other than being an enthralling experience, a road trip to Ladakh is definitely going to be the unforgettable trip of your life.

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