First Timers Guide to Choosing the Best Leh Ladakh Package

First Timers Guide to Choosing the Best Leh Ladakh Package

Is it your first time to the ‘Paradise on Earth’? If you love to experience dramatic vistas then it is recommended that you take a trip to Leh Ladakh. The town is known for its beauteous scenic beauty and mesmerizing experiences. But it is essential to keep these tips in your mind before choosing the best Leh Ladakh Package if you are a first-timer in Leh Ladakh. 

The bare necessities 

  • There are certainly a few things that might not seem important when you are living in the plains but become a bare necessity when in the high Himalayas. So, keeping this in mind, you should make sure that you carry essentials such as a medical kit and enough warm clothes. 


  • Your medical kit must include medicine for headache, vomiting/dizziness, fever, band-aids, medicine for stomach ache, and enough supply of any special medicine that you require. Also, finding a medical store there could be difficult especially when you are not in the main city of Leh.


  • Next, that is important thing is warm clothes. While travelling to Leh, make sure you carry a good number of warm clothes with you which should include jackets, thermal wear, sweaters, woollen socks, cap, and mufflers, among other things. 


  • Besides this, you must take lip balm, cold cream, and goggles.


  • You can also stock up on some dry eatables for your journey as there are no eateries on the way. 

Get acclimatized

  • After all the stuff has been taken care of, yet another important thing is acclimatization. You need to acclimatize your body to the low atmospheric pressure. It might be a problem for some to get used to the high altitude, and hence do not attempt to visit places that are further up as you will face some severe problems.


  • Also, physical fitness might be of importance here as increasing your stamina is crucial. Also, you should abstain from smoking.


  • It is vital to take good care of yourself in case of dehydration at high altitudes. You should always carry water with you on all sightseeing trips. 


  • Another important thing to remember is that a heavy intake of alcohol here could lead to further complications. Remember that drinking leads to dehydration and you will do better without drinking alcohol.


Last, of all, you are advised to be on your guard during your travel to the high Himalayas being a first-timer. Being one of the most fascinating destinations to travel to, you cannot forget your health

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