Top Tips for Delhi to Spiti Bike Tour

Experience the Ultimate Adventure: Top Tips for Delhi to Spiti Bike Tour through the Serene Himalayas

Situated at an average height of 13,000 feet in the northeastern part of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley is a Himalayan desert mountain. The valley is enigmatic and is interspersed with tiny hamlets and ethereal monasteries sitting precariously on mountain crags spread across its moonscape. 

To make the most of your journey in the Himalayas, it is always advisable to travel by motorbike. With the chilled air hitting your face, the adventure of riding a motorcycle absolutely hits differently. Being a tours and travel company we are frequently asked for tips for Delhi to Spiti Bike tour, so below we will discuss some of the top tips on how to make your Delhi to Spiti bike tour adventurous, fun, and safe all at the same time. 

Top Tips for Delhi to Spiti Bike Tour

  1. Always be alert to avoid an accident

We all are aware of the fact that riding causes a lot of mental exhaustion and tiredness. So, while driving on the challenging roads of Delhi to Spiti Bike tour you need to be aware of your surroundings and not miss any road signs. Make sure to always keep track of the distance covered and the distance remaining. It is always better to gather as much information as possible about road conditions and weather predictions before hitting the road.  

  1. Understand your bike 

Always take care of your bike more than you take care of yourself, as we do not want you to face any life-threatening situation such as a broken clutch wire or punctured tire with no repair shop around or being out of petrol in no man’s land. Understand it and feel it to be an extension of you. Understand how the bike will behave with too much weight on one side, how it acts on sand, snow, and mud, how much tilt can you control on curves, at what speed you can control your motorcycle without a second thought, and how things change when there is pillion with you. These are some of the many questions that you should have answers to when on a Delhi to Spiti Bike Tour. 

  1. Follow the Rules

Always keep it at the top of your mind to follow the rules. Such as:

  • On a narrow road, let the climbing vehicles pass first.
  • Always drive in your lane.
  • Never overtake from the wrong side.
  • Always blow a horn at the curves.
  • Use a dipper at night.
  • Never overtake the curves. 
  1. Mind Your Brakes

While riding upwards, it is recommended to use the rear brake during turns: as this helps in stabilizing the bike and allows you to keep the throttle open during the turn. But downward, the rear brake is of no use: the rear wheel almost carries no weight, which means it will stop turning very easily when you apply the rear brake also when you ride downward, most of the weight of your bike is on the front wheel, so you have to use the front brake. Try to use the compression of the engine to brake, and when you need more brakes, use the front one. 

  1. Turning Points / Curves

Lanes are significant in the mountains, especially when you are turning through a corner. Always start at the outside: if a corner is at your left, start at the right side, and in a corner to the right, you start left. This is especially true when you are riding on Hindustan Tibet Highway. If the road is narrow, you can even use that part of the road for oncoming traffic. The advantage is that you will see oncoming traffic earlier than when you stay inside the corner.

  1. Way Down – Use Gear Braking

Riding up is definitely not a problem as all you have to do is shift the gears down and throttle up. What causes difficulty is riding downward. Try to use the engine brake as much as you can: shift the gear downward until you have the right speed without the throttle, or with a bit of throttle. When it is so steep that your speed is too high, even in the first gear, you will have to use the brake as well (the front that is). 

  1. Take A Break & Energise

There’s no point denying the fact that riding feels good but stretching your body with a spectacular view and a cup of tea in your hands feels even better. It is advisable to take five to ten minutes of break-in every hour or so. It is always the journey that matters the most, not the destination. 

  1. Park Safely

You should know how to park your bike in the hills. Never park your motorcycle facing a downhill as motorcycle stands are designed to lock when the motorcycle goes backward. Always try to find a plane surface as you can and park the bike facing uphill. 

  1. Kill the Speed Demon

It is always recommended to keep your targets practical and plan your journey precisely as in mountains you can roughly cover 150-180kms in 8 hours. It might be lesser if road conditions are not good. So always keep it planned to avoid the rush. Keep your speed in check. 

  1. Use Right Bike Accessories

Utilize your resources to the maximum. Check for the mirrors, your helmet, and knee & elbow guards. Always give indicators before turning and also get yourself a mobile charger powered by the battery of your motorcycle. Wear Gloves; otherwise, the skin over your nails might start to peel off. Always carry a water bottle with you as you have to keep your body hydrated no matter what. You should also keep spare bungee cords with you, to protect yourself from sunburn and also it is advised to use saddlebags for carrying your luggage. 

Make sure you follow all the above-mentioned tips for Delhi to Spiti Bike Tour through the beautiful and serene Himalayas. 

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