Must Visit Places in Leh Ladakh

10 Must Visit Places in Leh Ladakh

With awe-striking wonders of nature and enchanting medley of experiences, Ladakh truly is one of the most beautiful and serene places to visit in the world. People come to this abode every year to explore the gifted beauty of nature and to discover the lost self they were longing for ages.

Gifted with breathtaking picturesque Lakes, Alluring beauty of barren valleys, Untouched culture from centuries ago and High roads that truly lead to paradise, Ladakh fascinates every wanderer and makes them realize what nature truly holds in itself. Like everybody even you are excited and planning your trip to Leh Ladakh this season when the paradise opens for its wanderers. If not then keep on reading until you are convinced to plan one.

So, if you are planning to go on a solo trip or take your family & friends to Leh Ladakh and enjoy this vacation in 2019 then you should look out for these places below during your expedition. Don’t you dare miss out on these gems?

Pangong Tso Lake

This glacial lake amidst the grandeur of magnificent mountains is a spectacle in itself. You will be left awestruck by the stunning colors of the vivid blue sky reflecting its beauty upon the majestic lake. Snuggled amidst the high mountains at a height of 4350 with its length extending up to 150 km long, this is a monumental part of Ladakh. In this one, nature is the artist and the lake is its masterpiece.

You must have seen this lake in movies and were in awe of that foreign land but Pangong Tso Lake is on our own homeland for us to see. It’s the best place for sightseeing the mesmeric panoramic view and also for camping for a relaxing and soothing experience.

Hemis Monastery

You should definitely visit this famous monastery because it is the largest monastery in Ladakh with one of the largest collections of ancient artifacts of the Buddhist culture. Hemis monastery is one of the richest monasteries in India with exquisite antique collections like the copper statue of Buddha, beautiful stupas and exotic Thangkas. The architecture of the monastery is so fascinating with vivid colors of intricate designs and paintings.

Most of the cultures prevailing in Ladakh are adopted from ancient Tibetan literature and scholars. One more highlight of this place is the Hemis National Park which is located near the monastery and holds some of the most endangered species flora and fauna.

Zanskar Valley

Zanskar valley is famous for being one of the most isolated places in India where the valley is closed for about 8 months in a year due to heavy snowfall in the region. With only 14000 people living in this place, Zanskar is a serene gift of nature where the culture and traditions remain untouched. Zanskar river which is the lifeblood of the local residents is also a big tourist attraction for adventure tours.

During summers they go on rafting on the rapid flowing Zanskar river and during winter when the river is frozen, it leads to a formation of a long trekking route which is known as the Chadar track. But it’s only for those who come to Ladakh for adventure tours.

Shanti Stupa

Shanti stupa has become one of the top tourist destinations in Ladakh not only due to its religious significance but also for the magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

This stupa was built by a Japanese Buddhist monk under the pagoda mission. This stupa holds relics of Lord Buddha which is of utmost significance and was enshrined and inaugurated by the 14th Dalai Lama. With a stunning view of the sunrise and sunset around the panoramic view of the mountains, Shanti stupa has become the most famous tourist destination around Leh. You really don’t want to miss this one on your next trip to Leh Ladakh.

Thiksey Monastery

With its resemblance to the Potala Palace of Tibet, the beauty of this gompa style monastery is the epitome of majestic architecture. It is a 12 story complex that houses one of the most sacred items of Buddhist art such as stupas, statues, thangkas, wall paintings, and swords.

The main attraction of this monastery is the statue of Maitreya Buddha which is a giant 2 story tall statue inside the monastery. With exquisite paintings and designs of this monastery, it really shows the ancient cultures of the Ladakhi people. This one will fascinate you to the core of how this level of architecture is even possible.

Nubra Valley

If you are planning for a Ladakh Adventure tour then Nubra valley should come on the top of your list because the adventures are never-ending, for real. A bike trip to this part of Ladakh is a dream of every passionate rider because the world’s highest motorable road, Khardung la pass comes under this area.

With adventure tour activities like hiking, trekking, camel and jeep safaris, this valley has a lot to offer for adventure freaks. The highlight of this place is the Diskit Monastery which has a 32-meter long Maitreya Buddha statue facing Pakistan as a symbol of peace and tolerance.

Kargil & Drass Valley

Kargil & Drass although underrated, is one of the most picturesque landscapes around Ladakh. This town became famous after the great Kargil war but however has remained peaceful since then. One of the biggest attractions of this destination is the Suru Lake which is a gem in itself with its unique and magnificent view of the panoramic mountains.

You can also visit the Kargil war memorial and pay homage to our brave souls who sacrificed their lives for our sovereignty. The Hunderman village around the Suru valley is also a great tourist attraction in this place. These are extremely cold places so its better advised to visit them in summer.

Alchi Choskor

Alchi is an ancient village located in the Himalayan region of Ladakh which is home to ancient cultures of Ladakh. Its biggest highlight is the Alchi Monastery which dates back to 900 years and is a famous tourist attraction. The monuments around this village and monastery are said to be a unique style of workmanship.

The paintings are very intricate and ancient showing artistic and spiritual details of both Buddhist and Hindu kings. This monastery also has beautiful wall carvings, antiques and huge statues of Buddha and other great scholars. This will take you back 1000 years back in the past and give you an idea of how art used to prevail during those times.

Tso Moriri

Pristine and gifted beauty of nature in Ladakh is never-ending. Tso Moriri Lake which looks similar to Pangong Tso lake is one of the lesser-knowns and traveled destinations in Ladakh. But it’s not because it is any less than other lakes. Barren hills and the snow-clad mountains only add to its pristine beauty.

Since this lake and the surroundings around are declared as wetland reserve, people do not come here and build houses and you will find little camping activities. So, this is the most peaceful place to experience the beauty of paradise. It was declared a wetland reserve as many endangered species were found around this place. So to protect them this step was taken. A bike trip on this would be your perfect Ladakh Trip.

Moon Land

If you have never been to the moon then this your chance to experience and see what it really looks like. On your way to Lamayuru, you will feel like you have reached on a whole another planet. It is best if you travel during full moon time because the light from the moon reflects on the land and enhances the beauty of the landscape. It is one of the unseen and untouched places in Ladakh which you should not miss out on your next trip.

You can also visit the ancient Lamayuru monastery in this location which is famous for its architecture and paintings. Taking a bike trip would be even better because the best way to travel in Ladakh is on bikes.


Although we have listed some of the best places to visit on your coming trip to Leh Ladakh, it is still not enough because you will experience much more than this. Ladakh is an endless flow of spellbinding surprises that will cross all limits of your expectations. Every time you visit this paradise you get to experience something new and different.

We know this list has taken your excitement to the next level and you may be already planning for a trip to Ladakh. Although Backpacking always has been a daunting task we at BackPackClan want to make it easy for you. Join our Ladakh Adventure tour group and get the best prices and an experience you will cherish for life. Don’t let that traveler inside you die yet.

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