Best season for Kedarnath bike trip

Best Season Or Month for Kedarnath Bike Trip

Spiritual as well as adventure-packed, you can never go wrong if you choose to take a bike trip to Kedarnath. The snow-capped mountains and the breathtaking beauty all around is oh-so mesmerizing and indescribable. Kedarnath is nestled in the high folds of the Himalayan Region. The place finds extreme reverence among the followers and devotees of Lord Shiva who reside in Kedarnath as Lord Kedar. The entire place has great historical significance to the nation and is considered as a permanent abode of the god. If you too are planning to take a bike trip to Kedarnath, then read below to know the best season for Kedarnath Bike Trip.

Kedarnath in Summer (April-June)

Summer is the best season to visit Kedarnath as the temperature is moderate and stays between 15-30 degrees Celsius. During this season the days are warm and there is a gentle cool breeze that makes the environment a whole lot more pleasant. Providing the most favourable weather conditions, this is the ideal time to visit Kedarnath. Also, you can visit other highlights of the area like Panch Kedar and Chota Char Dham and explore many more places and the beauty of this ethereal paradise on earth.

Kedarnath in Monsoon (July- September)

It is not advisable to take Kedarnath bike trip during the monsoon because the weather is extremely unpredictable. There are times when the region doesn’t receive any rainfall, but when it does it could lead to rugged roads, treacherous terrains, roadblocks and landslides. Thus, it is advisable to avoid travelling during this season.

Kedarnath in Winter (October- March)

Freezing cold temperatures will welcome you if you plan your Kedarnath bike trip during winters. Undoubtedly, the landscape is beautiful but it will certainly test your endurance and there are chances that you might want to quit in the middle in more ways than one owing to the unfavourable weather conditions, roadblocks and more.

Overall, the best time to visit Kedarnath is the summers i.e between April to June when the snow has melted and also there are no chances of rain too. Before doing any bookings, be mindful of the fact that May is a peak month which is why the place remains crowded during this time. Also, Kedarnath remains closed for a period of 6 months i.e from November to March every year due to snowfall in the region. Apart from summers, another best time to take Kedarnath bike trip is the pre-winter months i.e from September to October. Make sure that you keep all these points at the top of your mind before planning your Kedarnath Bike Trip.

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