Best time for bhutan bike trip

What is the best time for Bhutan Bike Trip?

Bhutan the unexplored paradise on Earth. To explore Bhutan you must know that it witnesses the dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. Over the years Bhutan ‘The Land of the Thunder Dragon’ has seen a lot of tourists and adventure junkies flocking in to discover the hidden yet alluring beauty the country beholds.

Bhutan is undeniably one of the most favorite places among adventure lovers and they wish to traverse this place because the country has got to offer a rich and varied variety of flora and fauna, has vivid culture, numerous adventurous trekking spots, and many more exciting and enthralling opportunities to be explored. The waterways, emerging from the Himalayas, wander through the valleys and impart jaw-dropping experiences with their excellence.

Apart from all this, different tourists tend to travel the place at different timings depending on their priorities, and likings. So, the below rundown will help you decide what is the best time for you to visit Bhutan adhering as per your interest area.

Best time for Bhutan Bike Trip


The ideal time for a Bhutan Bike Trip is between the months of October to December i.e the spring and autumn season. During this time, the blue skies and clear and fresh air offer tourists a great yet unforgettable experience. Though the winter season has its own attractions and draws too. January and February are colder, yet from that point until April the atmosphere stays dry and charming and in pre-summer the acclaimed rhododendrons blossom terrifically, flooding the valleys with varied hues. In the months from May till early September heat sets in followed by humidity owing to the rainy season, so it is definitely not a good time for a Bhutan Bike trip.

If you love to discover the history and culture of new places, then you must travel in between these months i.e September, October, and November because you will get to see the place dolled up and in its full glory. During these months i.e late September the most popular Bhutanese festival i.e Thimphu Tshechu is celebrated in the modern capital of Bhutan.

Also, the weather is pleasant during these months so you can witness the enthralling yet jaw-dropping of this magnificent place in its full swing. If you happen to have a thing for Black-necked Crane, then you must pay a visit to the one-day Black-Necked Crane Festival in the mesmerizing Phobjikha Valley.


If you happen to be a die-hard nature lover then you must travel from April end to may. During this time the local flora of the place is in its full bloom and is undoubtedly a treat to the eyes to watch multi-hued flower beds all around. The famous Jacaranda blossoms at Punakha Dzong in mid-May. The Jomolhari Trek and Drukpath Trek are also done during this time i.e from mid-April to the end of May.

The renowned festival ‘Paro Tshechu’ also happens to be during this time i.e early April. It is certainly the best chance to meet the King of Bhutan as he often visits from the third day to the last day.


If you intend to travel on a budget then early June is the perfect time for you to travel. Summer frequently offers lively green foresting and thriving paddy fields against a background of the reasonable blue sky after the downpour. During this time also festivities take place. The Nimalung Tshechu in June and Kurjey Tshechu in late June marks the celebrations of the holy sites of Guru Rinpoche.

This season usually experiences fewer tourists as the tourists believe that the rainy season might be a blockade in their itinerary. But it’s false as the majority part of the rains set in after the afternoon and hence that has nothing got to spoil any traveler’s itinerary.

January -February

The temperature begins to fall from January and if you intend to experience less crowd then this is the best time for you to go for a Bhutan Bike Trip. Festivities tend to be a part of this season also like Punakha Dromche and Tshechu in February and Trongsa Tshechu also during this time and is a small and intimate affair. Snowfall might be there from mid-Jan to early Feb.

So, make sure you plan your time to visit Bhutan wisely keeping in mind your interests and likings and thereby selecting a time period for your Bhutan Bike Trip. The beauteous yet magnanimous place is awaiting your presence, so just pack your bags and enjoy the picturesque views and sceneries all around.

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