Complete Guide for a Summer Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Complete Guide for a Summer Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

Ladakh is a beautiful place that is certainly going to surprise you in many ways, featuring beautiful gompas, pristine lakes and spectacular landscapes. Surrounded by the Himalayas in the south and the Karakoram ranges in the north, Ladakh’s breathtaking beauty will surely leave you asking for more and take you close to nature. If you too are planning to visit this beautiful place on earth in near future then here’s a complete guide for a summer Leh Ladakh Bike Trip that you cannot miss.

Why is summer considered to be the best time for the Leh Ladakh Bike Trip?

You can choose to go for Leh Ladakh Bike Trip both during summers and winters as both the seasons have their own charms in this destination. But summer months are always considered to be the best for a reason. It is during this time that the frozen lake begins to melt, and the temperature is pleasant enough to drive and explore nearby places. It is from April to Mid-October, Ladakh sees visitors from all over the world. 

Temperature and weather

The temperature during these months i.e., from March to June remains around 20 to 30 degrees which implies that the weather is pleasant and comfortable, allowing you to travel at your ease.

More reasons to visit Ladakh in the summer

It is also during this time that you get the chance to witness Ladakh’s famous festivals, such as the Hemis Festival, YuruKabgyat, and Saka Dawa. These colourful festivals are bound to lure visitors from far and near and put on display some amazing performances that are indeed a treat to sore eyes. So, it is advisable to plan your Leh Ladakh Bike trip accordingly if you wish to witness these festivals too.

Things to remember before you visit

Those wishing to take the Leh Ladakh Bike trip during summers can easily find hotels, homestays, and guesthouses here or you can also book them on many online sites. 

Tips for the trip

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the direct sun by wearing sunscreen thereby keeping your skin safe. If you are planning to visit this place during the start of the season, you will still have to pack up some warm clothes as the nights can get a bit too cold.

Best places to visit

You have numerous places to visit or sightsee on your Leh Ladakh Bike trip. To list a few of the famous ones are Alchi, Hemis, and Spituk Monasteries. Other must-visit places are Magnetic Hill, Shanti Stupa, Gurudwara Pattar Sahib, Leh Market, and War Museum. Kargil, also popularly known as the gateway to Ladakh, is filled with ancient monasteries and beautiful places to visit, that you can explore if you take Kashmir via the Kargil route.


Now that you are planning to take a Roadtrip to Ladakh during this time, you can consider going from Kashmir via Kargil, which remains open from the early month of June till the month of November. Plus, there happens to be a long route as well i.e the Manali-Leh road route, which opens in the middle of June and remains open until early October.

Hoping that the above guide is of great help to you in planning your Summer Leh Ladakh Bike Trip.


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