Chadar Trek

Do’s & Don’ts to always keep in mind of Chadar Trek

The Chadar Trek is undoubtedly one of the most preferred Himalayan treks of all treks. The temperature in this region is always below zero, ranging between -5 to -35 degrees, which is definitely not inviting at all. But once you get there, we assure you that it will truly be a worthwhile experience that you can cherish forever. The thought of walking on a frozen river for almost 8 hours a day at an altitude of almost 11,000 feet, must be giving you chills right now, but the feeling is going to be the exact opposite once you embark on this beautiful frozen river trek.   


Stay Hydrated

Don’t be mistaken by the cold weather and keep drinking fluids to maintain the water levels in your body.

First Aid Kit

It is better to keep a first aid kit handy as minor cuts and bruises are a welcome greeting here. Also, keep with you a cold cream and sunscreen with good SPF. 

Sufficient Eatables

Food may not fall short. It’s the only way to energise yourself for the rest of the hike.

Keep Warm Clothes 

Always keep warm clothes with you as the temperature can plunge extensively. 

Maintain the Rush

Remember to keep up the spirits, all the time, and don’t lose heart if something does not work out

Follow Locals

They are familiar with the region and know about the challenges & the way to handle them as well.

Tell someone about your schedule

Let a friend or family member know about your schedule as this way someone can come for your help in case of any emergency.

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Ignore Weather Reports

Do not neglect the weather forecasts and make sure that you maintain coordination with MET Records.

Skip Your Meals

Never think of skipping the meals as the trek demands full mental attention & physical endurance.

Neglect the Guide

Listen carefully to your guide who has every knowledge to make this extreme trek a success.

Over Stress

Better to enjoy than overthink the trek. Whenever it feels tiring, take a break and get some rest. 

Littering around

Do not litter anywhere and spoil the radiance of the route. The trail holds a gripping panorama and it is the responsibility of every trekker to maintain it.

Using soaps & shampoos in waterfalls

Do not use soaps and shampoos in waterfalls as it contaminates them. Moreover, the local inhabitants use this water for drinking purposes; thus you should keep it clean.

Disrespect for the tranquillity of shrines

Respect the tranquillity of the shrines that fall en route.

Make sure that you follow all the DO’s and DON’Ts mentioned above to ensure a successful and adventure-packed Chadar Trek.