Let’s take a Road Trip to Bhutan this new year

Plan for Bhutan Trip

What are you doing this year? Stop making those unattainable and impractical year resolutions that always go into the trash. Rather do something exhilarating with us this year and go on that escapade to the land of the thunder dragon, road trip to Bhutan.

You must have heard of it from your boasting neighbor or even have seen it in the movies and have been curious to visit it one day because of its mysterious and unusual word of mouth. And yes, you heard it right because Bhutan really is a land of surprises. This is a country where the rice is red and chilies are not just for seasoning but they are the whole dish!.

It’s a country that not only preserves and safeguards its culture but also embraces modern evolution equally. So, having said all of it, we want you to visit this country because Bhutan is out of the ordinary compared to the everyday places you go to. This is our complete schedule for this mesmerizing escapade you about to experience. Do something different this year with us.

Arrive at Siliguri – Local Sightseeing and Briefing

Once you have landed in Siliguri, which is a metropolitan city in the heart of West Bengal. We will take you straight to your hotel, check you in, and then you will get to meet with your Road captain to Bhutan. You will get the complete briefing about the road trip to Bhutan and he will also give you a comprehensive day-wise plan for the Bhutan bike trip.

You will get your bikes allocated and also get to meet your fellow riders who are going to ride with you on this trip. Then in the afternoon, you will be taken sightseeing in Siliguri as Siliguri is also a great place to hang out with many attractions around it. After that, you come back to your hotel at the night and get ready for the early morning journey.

Bagdogra – Phuentsholing (150KMS| 4 hours)

The next day, you wake up early morning and pack your bags, and then breakfast is served for everyone. After breakfast, everybody will head for the bikes and start the 4-hour road trip to Bhutan. This journey won’t come as a great surprise to you but it has owned its appeal too.

You get to see the famous Teesta river and get a feel of the mountains during the journey itself. After the mountains are over you will come back to the plains of West Bengal where you can get fascinated by the lush green never-ending tea gardens. Once we reach the border, we enter Bhutan and take you straight to the hotel where we will have our lunch and give a tour around Phuentsholing city where we will be staying for the night.

Phuentsholing (Bhutan) to Paro (Bhutan) 160 KMS

After breakfast the next morning, we will acquire the road permits for all members from the immigration office of Bhutan and then embark on that journey to the abode of the mountains. We will start the road trip to Bhutan from Phuentsholing and start riding on the uphill roads because from now on you will hardly see anything plain. You are going to experience very high altitude places.

During the journey, we will make several stops for sightseeing of special monuments or structures around the route and also for refreshments. We will stop at a monastery called Rinchending and also make a stop at the Gedu university and any other significant sites that would excite you. Once we reach Paro, You will check into your hotel and in the evening we can take a tour around Paro, as Paro is one real treat for every traveler. We will visit the famous National Museum and tour around the riverside and prepare for the next day.

Thimphu – Punakha/Wangdue Phodrang (Via Dochula Pass)

We will head for Punakha/Wangduephodrang the next day after breakfast and we will be going via Dochula pass which is located at a staggering 10,000ft above sea level. will get to see a significant historical monument at Dochula where 108 stupas are built all clustered together majestically. Since we are going in the winters the snowfall will glorify its beauty and the view will be enthralling for anyone. Once we reach Punakha, you will be taken to the majestic palace of the ancient gods of Bhutan which is the Punakha Dzong which is going to make you spellbound. I am not exaggerating but this place is the definition of beauty where you will see two rivers joining together at the center of this grand structure. After that, you will be taken around Punakha and wangduephodrang for sightseeing.

Punakha/Wangdue Phodrang to Trongsa – 145 KM

After we have finished the tour of Punakha and Wangduephodrang, we will head to the mystic state of Trongsa which is a 6 hours journey and it will take you through some of the most beautiful roads and scenic beauty around this route.

Trongsa means ” a new village” in Bhutanese which comprises retreats, temples, and hermitages of monks. This place holds great significance to the Bhutanese people because, during the 16th century, this was the place where all the leaders used to reside and controlled Bhutan. You will get to see Bhutan’s largest dzong fortress here which is called Choker Rabtentse Dzong.

If you want to see the origin of Bhutan and want to know where and how it all started then Trongsa is a place you need to visit on your road trip to Bhutan. Once we are done with it, we will head back to our hotel rooms and call it a day.

Trongsa back to Punakha/Wangdue Phodrang

Once we are over with Trongsa, we will head back to Punakha the next morning and once we reach, we will take rest after the exhausting journey we will have had till now and during the evening we can go around the town of Punakha. You can go to the Khuruthang town where you can find awesome restaurants to feed your hunger with authentic Bhutanese cuisines.

We will be spending our last night in Punakha and then we will be heading for Paro, next day. Once we are over with all sightseeing in Punakha and Wangdue Phodrang then we will go back to our hotel rooms and take some big rest for a new destination on a road trip to Bhutan.

Punakha/Wangdue Phodrang – Paro

Once the sun comes up we will be heading back to Paro early morning. It’s just a 60km journey so as soon as we reach Paro, we will check in your hotel, and then we will go on that deep tour of Paro. We will take you to the Paro Dzong where you will again see another fortress built by an ancient god and also get to see the National Museum of Bhutan right above it.

You can tour around Paro town and do shopping or explore tasty authentic Bhutanese cuisine and many other attractions. We would love to take you to any festivals or special gatherings when you will be traveling around Paro because winter is the season for festivals in Bhutan where you can see the real culture of Bhutan. You can get a lot of Traditional handicrafts and textiles to buy too in Paro. Paro is the city of authentic Bhutan for you.

Paro – Phuentsholing

Finally, you are over with your escapade and once you wake up in the morning, you will be heading back to the city of Phuentsholing. So, we will have breakfast and start our road trip to Bhutan. We will have some stoppage too during the journey if we have missed anything around this route Once we reach Phuentsholing we will have our lunch and then we can take a tour around Phuentsholing where you can go to crocodile breeding center, amochu and also you can go to the big Indian town of Jaigaon at the border area of Bhutan. Once every part is discovered in Phuentsholing our trip ends here and you will be taken back to your hotel rooms and in the morning you will back to Bagdogra to catch your respective flights.

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