What are challenges of Bike Tours to Ladakh

What are Challenges of Bike Tours to Ladakh?

Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Challenges

We all know that Ladakh is a land of adventures and all the adventures are ought to be fun and exciting which is why an adventure bike tour to Ladakh is no exception to that rule. Also, along with this, a road trip to Ladakh comes with certain difficulties. Let’s take a quick look at all challenges you might come across on bike tours to Ladakh. 

Leh Ladakh Weather Condition

The weather in Ladakh is mostly unpredictable and harsh, so be prepared if you are planning to take a bike tour to Ladakh. As the place is at a high altitude region, breathing becomes a difficulty at times and travellers tend to get hit by Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). So, it is important to first acclimatise in Leh for a day or two before leaving for the far-flung high altitude regions.

Leh Ladakh Road Condition

Secondly, the condition of roads is not up to the mark and are a kind of bumpy with a lot of patches. Also, you may encounter water-crossings in a few places that can cause you inconvenience in crossing if you are not provided with a helping hand. 

Leh Ladakh Bike Maintenance

Breakdowns are very common in Ladakh because of the rugged terrains and it is only during this time that your knowledge of basic maintenance and bike repairs comes to the rescue. There are chances you could be stranded in the remotest area without any help. So, learn the basics of bike self-repair before embarking on a bike tour to Ladakh. 

Because of such challenges, you should always consider booking your Leh Ladakh bike tour packages with a well experienced and trusted tour operator who assists in providing the best services like offering fuel, guides, mechanics and more.

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