A Quick Guide to Frozen River Trek in Leh

A Quick Guide to Frozen River Trek in Leh

Chadar Trek is one of the most sought-after Himalayan treks in the Ladakh Himalayan region. If you want to get detailed answers to your most common doubts about planning the perfect frozen river trek in Leh then this guide will be of great help to you. The trek gives you barely a month to walk over it and during the trek the temperatures will be -15 to -20 degrees during the day and take a nose dive to -25 to -30 degrees at night. Trek enthusiasts from across the world come here to experience the frozen waterfalls and squeaking glass-like ice under your feet with white snow surrounding them. The difficulty level of this trek is moderate and one does not have to climb high altitudes in this trek but it is always important that you prepare well and go for the frozen river trek in Leh highly prepared. 

Important Chadar Trek Facts

Region: Ladakh and Zanskar Valley (J&K state, India)

Max Altitude: 11,123 Ft. or 3500 Mts.

Total Trekking Distance: 70 Kms approx

Grade: Moderate to Challenging

Duration: 9-15 Days (varies with itinerary)

Chadar Trek Dates: Mid-January to Mid-February

Best time for Chadar Trek 

The frozen river trek in Leh is possible only during the peak winter season when the liquid Zanskar River becomes solid. The window of the trek begins when the ice is thick enough to walk on and this may vary from year to year. Usually, this happens after 2nd week of January and might run up to mid-February. Once chadar starts melting, it is definitely not safe to traverse anymore, and then comes the time for closing the route. 

Preparation & Fitness for Chadar Trek

The frozen river trek mostly involves walking on a flat river wherein you don’t have to climb so often as in a mountain trek. But you will encounter boulders and short steep mountain slopes that you have to negotiate. High physical agility is not required but if you are into any physical exercises before then you will be comfortable during treks like these. So it is advisable to train yourself with exercise in order to improve your stamina sometime before the commencement of the trek. Also, if you happen to have any heart conditions or any other serious problems you should avoid this trek. Regardless of this, it is always advisable to consult a physician before going for this guide.

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Things to Carry on Chadar Trek

Make sure that your guide is well equipped with necessary items like kitchen and dining tents, kitchen equipment, stools, tables and mattresses, and food. Apart from this don’t forget to carry with you a medium-sized day pack with plastic liner, trekking boots, stream crossing sandals, water bottles, fleece jackets, rainproof jackets, insulating gloves, sunscreen, and lip salve, sunglasses, water purification pills, personal medications (if any), emergency first aid kits, toilet paper, hand sanitizers, emergency food items such as chocolate bars, mouth wash, etc. Your duffel bag can carry your sleeping bag, your complete set of spare clothing, long and regular underwear, inner and outer socks, a pair of fleece sweaters, insulating hats, a pair of running shoes, your toilet kit, your toothbrush, soap, towel, etc. 

The above-mentioned are some of the top things that you should always keep in your mind before embarking on the Chadar Trek Frozen River Trek in Leh.