Tips for Trekking in Ladakh

Tips for Trekking in Ladakh

There is no better way to explore the mountains than trekking. Trekking helps you to experience the real thrill and raise the adrenaline rush in you. Explore the serene landscapes amidst the beauty of Ladakh and go through the given tips before you pack your bags and go trekking.

Guide or Tips for Trekking In Leh Ladakh

    1. Trek independently or with a guide
      It totally depends upon the difficulty level of the trek as some routes like the Markha Valley Trek can easily be covered independently. Trekking independently in Ladakh may save you some money but it is recommended to hire a guide for challenging treks like the Stok Kangri Trek.
    2. Best months for trekking in Ladakh
      The trekking season in Ladakh generally begins from early to mid-June and lasts till September. August is the busiest month and rains usually start from late August to September. It is advised to go trekking in the months of June and July for a better experience.
    3. Things you should pack for trekking
      • Trekking backpack with a waterproof backpack cover
      • Hiking and sleeping clothes
      • Fleece jacket, river shoes, sunglasses, and hat
      • Reusable water bottle and water purification pills
      • Power bank and extra battery for your camera
      • Don’t forget to carry toiletries and a medical kit
    4. Accommodation and sleeping options in Ladakh
      Some treks will provide you either camping or homestays. Camping is fun but sleeping in a tent when it’s rainy or cold can be very unpleasant whereas homestays will give you a chance of experiencing the tradition and culture of Ladakh and it is also pocket friendly.

No doubt, trekking is the best way to reconnect with nature and yourselves. There are a lot of trekking options in Ladakh like the Nubra Valley Trek, Markha Valley Trek, Kharnak Trek, Frozen River Trek, and many more. Choose the trek according to the amount of time you have and the difficulty level you seek. Follow the above-given tips for trekking in Ladakh and have a memorable experience.

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