Tips for Chadar Trekking

Important Tips for Chadar Trekking

Chadar trek, popularly known as the frozen river trek is one of the most glamorous and exhilarating treks in Ladakh. The trail provides an excellent opportunity to explore the ancient culture of Zanskar and relief from the hustle and bustle of city life. However, it is not easy to walk on the frozen ice and cope up with the chilly winds. Here are some important tips for chadar trekking that you should keep in mind to carry out a successful expedition.

Tips for Frozen River trek or Chadar Trek

    Do not forget to carry the necessary things such as trekking boots, fleece jacket, rainproof jacket, insulating gloves, warm clothes, sleeping bag, emergency first aid kit, hot water bag, water purification pills, and personal medications (if any).
    Acclimatization to the height as well as cold is very important, especially for first-time trekkers. Here you gain height from 750 ft to around 11,000 ft within just an hour and you might feel dizzy and uneasy. So, It is advisable to spend one full day before the start of the trek for acclimatization.
    Trekking poles are very important as it helps you to maintain balance and also assess the strength of the Chadar (a sheet of ice) for your next step. So do not forget to carry your trekking poles.
    Walking over fresh snow is different from walking over slippery ice and at some places, it can be weak and thin. You have to understand the sound your pole makes on striking the Chadar, to assess the thickness of the ice. So observe your guide and the locals for the first few days as you would not want to fall in freezing cold water.
    It is very common to get dehydrated on treks. Your daily consumption of water on days when you are trekking should be 5-7 liters. Keep sipping water after every 10-15 minutes while on the trek, especially in a dry and cold region like Zanskar.

The excitement of walking on ice and climbing on icy rocks is unbeatable. The Chadar Trek package undoubtedly gives you an experience of a lifetime and is a must-do for those who have a flair for high altitude trekking. Following the above-given tips will help you to enjoy the trek much better.

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